by Lily Alice, January 25, 2024

Kim Da Mi and Son Suk Ku are in talks to collaborate with a star-studded lineup of guest appearances.

As reported by OSEN, Hwang Jung MinLee Sung MinLee Hee Joon, and Kim Ye Won are in discussions to make guest appearances in Kim Da Mi and Son Suk Ku's upcoming drama Nine Puzzle, directed by director Yoon Jong Bin.

Nine Puzzle tells the story of Yoon Yi Na (Kim Da Mi), the only witness and suspect in a murder case, who becomes a profiler ten years later. She teams up with Detective Kim Han Saem (Son Suk Ku), who doubts her as a suspect, to uncover hidden truths.

The guest appearances in Nine Puzzle were offered considering the connection between the K-drama's director, Yoon Jong Bin, and the actors. 

Actor Hwang Jung Min previously collaborated with director Yoon Jong Bin in Narco-Saints and The Spy Gone North. Veteran actor Lee Sung Min worked with the director in films such as KUNDO: Age of the Rampant and A Violent Prosecutor (which the director produced). Lee Hee Joon played a supporting role in Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time. And actress Kim Ye Won was a part of Narco-Saints. 

Regarding the guest appearances, the actors' side stated, "We received an offer for guest appearances considering our connection with director Yoon Jong Bin, who directs the production, and we are currently in discussions."

Nine Puzzle is produced by Kakao Entertainment and the film company Wolgwang, and discussions are underway for the release schedule and platform.