by Lily Alice, May 21, 2024

Disney+ has confirmed the release of Kim Dong Wook's upcoming action drama Not Very Powerful, but Attractive (literal title) in 2024. 

Initially supposed to be released as an SBS drama, Not Very Powerful, but Attractive will now premiere as a Disney+ original.  

Not Very Powerful, but Attractive is a crime comedy K-drama depicting the journey of the country's lowest-ranked violent crimes unit teaming up with the elite team leader to solve cases. The cast includes Kim Dong Wook, Park Ji Hwan, Seo Hyun Woo, Park Se Wan, and Lee Seung Woo.

 Kim Dong Wook plays the role of Dongbang Yu Bin, the new leader of Songwon Police Station's Violent Crimes Unit 2, which is infamous for having the lowest arrest rate in the entire country. He is an elite police officer with a brilliant mind, good looks, outstanding athletic ability, and an excellent academic background. Dongbang Yu Bin also possesses unpredictable behavior and a quirky sense of humor.

Park Ji Hwan comes as Mu Jung Ryuk, a veteran detective in Songwon Police Station's Violent Crimes Unit 2. As a former member of the national boxing team, he has a rugged appearance but an indescribably lethal charm.  

Seo Hyun Woo plays Jung Jung Hwan, a detective in Songwon Police Station's Violent Crimes Unit 2. Once a member of the national shooting team who dreamed of winning Olympic titles, he is now a family man risking his life for promotion to support his wife and four children. 

Park Se Wan takes on the role of Seo Min Seo, the only woman and a powerful figure in the Songwon Police Station's Violent Crimes Unit 2. Despite her appearance, she is the No.1 in the Violent Crimes Unit 2 and is easygoing and unhesitatingly honest.  

Lastly, rising star Lee Seung Woo plays Jang Tan Sik, the youngest member of the Violent Crimes Unit 2. Although he makes numerous mistakes, he has a flawless personality and overflowing enthusiasm. 

Not Very Powerful, but Attractive will premiere worldwide exclusively on Disney+ in September 2024.