by lo_ve, February 21, 2024

Actress Kim Soo Jin is confirmed to join the upcoming tvN's Monday-Tuesday K-drama Wedding Impossible

On February 21, Kim Soo Jin's agency Will Entertainment confirmed that the actress will star as the female lead's mother in the upcoming romantic comedy K-drama. 

This will be her follow-up project after the ongoing K-drama My Happy Ending led by Jang Na Ra, Son Ho Jun, So Yi Hyun, Lee Ki Taek, Kim Hong Pa, and Park Ho San

Kim Soo Jin is also set to star in the upcoming Netflix original K-drama Mr. Plankton with Woo Do Hwan, Lee You Mi, Oh Jung Se, Kim Hae Sook, Kim Min Seok, and Lee El

Last year, Kim Soo Jin was busy with several K-dramas and films such as Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938, Agency, Brain Works, The Ghost Station, Rebound, and more. It seems like 2024 will also be a busy year for the actress with the confirmed upcoming K-dramas. 

Wedding Impossible is the latest work of director Kwon Young Il (Doom at Your Service and Search: WWW) and writers Oh Hye Won and Park Seul Ki (Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist). The upcoming series will be produced by Studio Dragon and Production Studio 329.

The upcoming series will revolve around two friends who decided to get married because of their personal reasons and the brother of the groom who is against marriage. The bride is an unknown actress who wants to become the main character while the groom has been her best friend for years and is the son of a conglomerate group. The K-drama is based on a webtoon written by Song Jung Won and illustrated by Lee Chung.

The story will be presented by the casts Jeon Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan, Bae Yoon Kyung, Park Jae Wan, and Kang Na Eon

Kim Soo Jin will portray the role of Seo Dong Ok, the mother of Jeon Jong Seo's character Na Ah Jeong. The actress will show the struggles she faces because of her daughter who is just like her except that she is more persistent when she wants something.

Wedding Impossible is set to premiere on February 26 at 8:50 PM KST. It will replace the hit series Marry My Husband's timeslot. 


Are you ready to see the chemistry between Kim Soo Jin and Jeon Jong Seo as mother and daughter in Wedding Impossible?