by Lily Alice, July 3, 2023

The film Concrete Utopia is garnering attention with the highly-anticipated union of actors Lee Byung HunPark Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young. Moreover, the inclusion of actors Kim Sun YoungPark Ji Hoo, and Kim Do Yoon has raised the expectations even higher.

Concrete Utopia is a gripping disaster drama that tells the story of survivors who have gathered in the Hwang Goong Apartment, the only remaining building in Seoul, after a massive earthquake leaves the city in ruins.

Having numerous hit dramas to her name, Kim Sun Young takes on the role of Geum Ae, the head of the Women's Association of the Hwang Goong Apartment. With her solid acting skills, Kim Sun Young aims to bring Geum Ae's character to life. 

Park Ji Hoo, who has won the appreciation of both audiences and critics with her praise-worthy performances in All of Us Are Dead and Little Womenportrays Hye Won, a resident who returns to the Hwang Goong Apartment. Through her mesmerizing on-screen presence and nuanced acting, Park Ji Hoo skillfully depicts Hye Won's angst and distress about the changed dynamics of the Hwang Goong Apartment residents after the disaster.

Lastly, the role of the uncooperative resident Do Kyun will be portrayed by Kim Do Yoon, who has left a lasting impression with his powerful performances in HellboundPsychokinesis and Peninsula. Kim Do Yoon's exceptional acting skills will bring forth the enigmatic nature of Do Kyun, who maintains a distance from the other residents of the Hwang Goong Apartment. 

With the powerful ensemble performances of Kim Sun Young, Park Ji Hoo, and Kim Do Yoon audiences can anticipate an exciting thriller ahead. 

Loosely based on part 2 of the webtoon "Happy Boy" by Kim Soong Nyoong, Concrete Utopia is set to release in theatres on August 9th.