by Lily Alice, June 2, 2023

SBS has unveiled a second teaser for the upcoming supernatural series Revenant

The teaser commences with Yeom Hae Sang (Oh Jung Se) asking Kim Tae Ri, "Is your name Ku San Young?". San Young asks in return, "Do you know me?". He then reveals to her that she has been possessed by a demon. 

In the next scene, San Young annoyingly tells Hae Sang, who seems to have been trying to convince her of the danger she is in, "I don't believe in ghosts, nor do I have time to believe in them".

Soon after, as mysterious deaths and unexplained disappearances surround Ku San Young, Detective Lee Hong Sae (Hong Kyung) begins to take notice of her, and asks, "Why is it that bad things keep happening to people you know? They either die or disappear". Then another voice in the background says, "If we don't find them quickly, that woman will also die". 

As Ku San Young gradually becomes aware of the encroaching evil, she finds herself embroiled in a desperate struggle alongside Hae Sang to thwart the demon's nefarious intentions.

With each step they take toward unraveling the true nature of the evil spirit, they draw closer to its ominous presence. Towards the end, the teaser gives a spine-chilling scene when the evil entity possessing Ku San Young comes face to face with Hae Sang. Her eyes undergo a sinister change, and her wicked smile mocks Hae Sang telling him that there is nothing he can do to defeat the demon.

Revenant will release on June 23 on Disney+. Watch the latest teaser below.