by Lily Alice, September 25, 2023

ENA's upcoming K-drama Moon in the Day unveiled its character posters and the first teaser.

Moon in the Day tells the story of a man who was tragically murdered by his beloved and finds himself frozen in time and a woman who lost her memories from her past life.  

The character posters encapsulate the exquisite visuals of Han Jun Oh (Kim Young Dae) and Kang Young Hwa (Pyo Ye Jin) with a subtle sensibility. In particular, Han Jun Oh's wistful expression as he gazes into the distance with tearful eyes tugs at the heartstrings of viewers. The accompanying text, "I will definitely kill you", hints at Do Ha's (Kim Young Dae) change of emotions from affection to revenge, adding depth to his character. 

Whereas, Kang Yeong Hwa's deeply expressive face evokes a sense of desolation. Her confession, "I love you", starkly contrasts Han Jun Oh's revenge-driven caption, evoking empathy for the tragic destinies of the duo.

The teaser opens with Do Ha (Kim Young Dae) standing alone in front of a vast mountain range. The caption, "After waiting for 1,500 years, I met you", poignantly illustrates his situation - trapped in the past. 

The teaser highlights Do Ha's words, "I'm stuck here while you continue to flow endlessly". They reveal the contrasting predicaments of Do Ha, frozen in time, and Han Ri Ta, who has moved forward through reincarnation. 

Moon in the Day will premiere on October 25 (Wednesday) at 9 PM (KST) on Viki, following the mystery thriller The Kidnapping Day. Watch the teaser here