by Lily Alice, May 25, 2024

Park Ji Hwan and Lee Kyu Hyung are set to showcase their comedy acting skills in the upcoming horror-comedy Handsome Guys. 

Handsome Guys follows best friends Sang Goo (Lee Hee Joon) and Jae Pil (Lee Sung Min), who move into a new house dreaming of living in the countryside, only to encounter an evil spirit that had been long sealed in the basement

Park Ji Hwan will play Chief Choi and Lee Kyu Hyung will portray Constable Nam. 

Chief Choi is a passionate police officer who takes on injustice head-on. He is fascinated by the suspicious-looking Jae Pil (Lee Sung Min) and Sang Goo (Lee Hee Joon) and conducts a thorough investigation. 

Constable Nam is Chief Choi's partner. He is a righteous police officer with an innocent heart. 

Handsome Guys also dropped posters featuring Lee Hee Joon and Lee Sung Min.

Handsome Guys will premiere on June 26.