by Hazel Jung, July 17, 2023

KBS2's new Monday-Tuesday drama series, My Lovely Boxer (written by Kim Min Joo, directed by Choi Sang Yeol and Hong Eun Mi), scheduled to premiere on August 21st at 9:45 PM, is based on the novel "My Lovely Boxer" by author Choo Jong Nam, which won the 2nd Kyobo Bookstore Story Contest. The drama depicts the life of genius boxer Lee Kwon Sook, who vanished, and the cold-blooded agent Kim Tae Young, as they fight against manipulated matches.

My Lovely Boxer, highly anticipated as a second-half gem with its top-notch production team and trusted cast, has heightened expectations for the upcoming broadcast by releasing a thrilling two-person poster featuring Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye on the 17th.

In the revealed poster, Lee Sang Yeob embodies the role of Kim Tae Young, a cold-blooded sports agent, while Kim So Hye captivates with her unique presence as Lee Kwon Sook, the brilliant boxer on the verge of achieving a Grand Slam.

Sitting side by side under the ring, the two exude an intense aura as they gaze directly ahead as if unfolding an old photograph with a faded mood.

Lee Sang Yeob's transformation into the S&P Sports Agent Kim Tae Young, a "pro retiree" who recruits talented athletes, rapidly improves their skills, and then pushes them to retire, is flawlessly portrayed. To save star pitcher Kim Hee Won, he dives into the world of manipulated matches and emanates extraordinary charisma with his sparkling eyes.

Kim So Hye, who has transformed into the genius boxer Lee Kwon Sook, wears a unified hairstyle and a white training suit, exuding a faint smile tinged with melancholy. In particular, the sweat-stained hand wrap held by her reveals the intensity of her training.

Viewers eagerly anticipate whether Kim Tae Young and Lee Kwon Sook, who have become like brothers while trying to protect Kim Hee  Won, will accept Kim Tae Young's proposal to bid farewell to the world of manipulated matches and boxing. The drama will unfold an escape from manipulated matches, and the interest of prospective viewers is focused on the outcome.

The chemistry between Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye, which promises a perfect synergy, can be witnessed in the upcoming KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama My Lovely Boxer, premiering on August 21st at 9:45 PM KST.