by Skye-N-Rain, September 26, 2017

  Hi MDL’ers!

We have some terrific news! After 2 years of hard work, we are extremely happy to announce the launch of MyDramaList V4. Now this update isn’t just a few extra features. Instead, we've recoded the site from scratch, making it faster, more efficient, and mobile optimized!

Updates include:

  •  Mobile and Tablet Responsive!

This means that the website will look great on whatever device you’re using, whether it’s your 5.1" mobile phone, 9.7" iPad, or your 32” monitor!

  • Directors & Screenwriters

While actors usually receive a lot of the credit for the success of a film or drama, directors and screenwriters are just as, if not more, important. Starting now, users will be able to add them to the database.

  • Variety Shows

All forms of variety shows will be accepted on MyDramalist, from Running Man to Saturday Night Live Korea.

  • Tag System for Dramas, Films, and Variety Shows

In the mood for a drama with amnesia? Chaebols/Rich Heirs? We've got you covered with this feature. Users will be able to add tags based on the plot and other key elements of each drama/film/variety show.

  • More Filters for Advanced Search

You can now sort by Drama Status (Airing, Completed, Upcoming), # of Episodes, and more!

  • Improved Custom Lists

Users can now add a Title or Person to their custom list straight from their respective pages.

  • Global Posts on Feeds

Users will be able to post public posts that everyone can see or private posts that only their friends will be able to see.

  •  Rewatch System

You can add the # of times you’ve rewatched your favorite titles.

  •  Watch Date

Wondering when you watched You're Beautiful or Hana Yori Dango? This feature will record when you start and complete a drama/movie.

  • Priority system for ‘Plan to Watch’ titles

Users can now put in whether a title is High, Medium, or Low Priority on their PTW lists. 

  • Quoting Posts (Forums)
  • So much more! Explore the site for yourself and see what's new!

Now, there may still be some small bugs on the site [whether on mobile, tablet or PC] so if you do stumble upon any, please report them here: 

Please include steps on how to recreate the issue/bug and a screenshot.

Working towards a better MyDramaList experience,

Skye, Jin, and the entire MDL Staff. <3

P.S What is your favorite new change or feature?