by Hazel Jung, September 24, 2023

In the KBS2 weekend drama, Live Your Own Life, which previous episode aired on September 23, Nam Bo Ra took on the role of aspiring celebrity Jung Mi Rim who began her residency at a boarding house, and had her first encounter with Lee Hyo Joon (Seol Jung Hwan).

Jung Mi Rim confidently enters the boarding house, saying she already knew everything about the place as the manager explained it, perfectly portraying the excitement of a young person taking their first steps toward their dreams.

As she unpacks her luggage, Jung Mi Rim begins decorating the wall with posters and organizes her flashy costumes and props, showcasing her character's cute charm. Her natural portrayal of everyday life and her unique passion for her dreams evoked deep empathy from those familiar with the struggles of job hunting.

When Mi Rim and Hyo Joon accidentally collided while opening the boarding house door, he unintentionally stuck a post-it note on her forehead. The not-so-smooth first encounter between Mi Rim and Hyo Joon has raised expectations for their future relationship.

Today, Nam Bo Ra showcased a strong presence even in her short appearance, infusing life into the drama. Her distinctive clear visuals and bright energy smoothly portrayed the character of Jung Mi Rim, who pursues her dreams without faltering in challenging circumstances, and she offered a variety of charms right from her first appearance, creating anticipation for her future performances.

Meanwhile Live Your Own Life, featuring Nam Bo Ra, airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8:05 PM KST on KBS2.