by lo_ve, February 29, 2024

NCT's Jeong Jae Hyun and actor Lee Chae Min are offered to star in the upcoming school K-drama titled I Believe You. 

On February 29, media outlets reported that Jeong Jae Hyun and Lee Chae Min were picked to be the main leads of the upcoming K-drama  I Believe You. 

Jeong Jae Hyun's agency SM Entertainment responded and shared, "Jeong Jae Hyun recently received the script for the K-drama I Believe You. It is one of the works that he is currently reviewing. Nothing has been decided yet." 

Lee Chae Min's agency also gave their statement regarding the casting reports. Gold Medalist shared, "It is true that Lee Chae Min received the offer. The actor is currently reviewing the proposed works."

I Believe You will reveal how the weak will have their awakening and growth while standing against strong people. It will revolve around a student who will try his best to not get bullied by students who are considered gold spoons. 

The upcoming K-drama will be produced by Mace Entertainment. 

I Believe You will reportedly begin its filming in the first half of 2024. According to reports, they are currently in discussion on where the K-drama will be broadcast. 

Jeong Jae Hyun got the offer to play the role of Seo Il Nam, a victim of school bullying. This will possibly be Jeong Jae Hyun's second K-drama since his debut. 

The NCT member led the K-drama Dear.M with Park Hye Soo, Roh Jeong Eui, Bae Hyun Sung, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Woo Da Vi. There are also reports that Dear.M will finally be broadcast on KBS this year.

Lee Chae Min got the offer to play the role of Yang Seo Joon, a leader of a group at school. He came from a rich family and he is also known for being smart and handsome. He is the one who bullies Seo Il Nam. One day, an unexpected incident happens and Seo Il Nam lives in their house.

This year, Lee Chae Min will lead the upcoming K-drama Hierarchy with Roh Jeong Eui, Kim Jae Won, Ji Hye Won, Lee Won Jung, and Kim Tae Jung


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