by lo_ve, September 9, 2022

"One Hundred Won Butler" will premiere next month!

On September 9th, MBC released the first trailer for the upcoming fantasy romance drama "One Hundred Won Butler." It was also announced that the series will air its first episode on October 19th. 

"One Hundred Won Butler" will tell the story of Butler Kim and funeral director Baek Dong Joo. Butler Kim accepts errand requests at the beginning cost of 100 won per job. Baek Dong Joo on the other hand fulfills the wishes of the dead. She also operates an errand-running business called Ildangbaek. 

The upcoming series will be led by Girls Day Lee Hye Ri, UKISS Lee Jun Young, Song Deok Ho, Han Dong Hee, Tae In Ho, and Lee Kyu Han

Lee Hye Ri will play the character named Baek Dong Joo who has the strange ability to see and talk with dead people. If she doesn't fulfill the wishes of these people, then her day is full of unfortunate events. 

Lee Jun Young will play the role of Butler Kim. He is the only employee at the errand service Ildangbaek. Whatever the customer wants, Butler Kim will do whatever it takes to fulfill it. He will then get involved with Baek Dong Joo and the two will work together for the living and the dead. 

The teaser starts with Lee Hye Ri's character Baek Dong Joo applying for the job. She states how she wants to do the job until her hair turns gray. In another scene, Baek Dong Joo is seen in a state of confusion and frustration about why she's the person who gets to touch and talk with dead people. This arises more curiosity about the plot of the upcoming drama. 

"One Hundred Won Butler" will begin airing on October 19th, at 9:50 PM KST. The series will be part of the Wednesday and Thursday drama timeslot of MBC. 

Watch the trailer here:

This drama will be the first project of Lee Hye Ri for 2022. She last starred in the 2021 series "Moonshine" with Yoo Seung Ho and Byeon Woo Seok

This will also be the first drama of Lee Jun Young for 2022. He will also be part of the upcoming drama "Na Rae, Kicking Out" together with Stephanie Lee. The idol-actor will also join the upcoming films "Brave Citizen," "The Wilderness," and "More Painful Than Sadness." 


What are your thoughts on the plot of the upcoming drama "One Hundred Won Butler"?