by Lily Alice, April 10, 2024

Director Yeon Sang Ho, who helmed the Netflix series Parasyte: The Grey, has commented on the possibility of Season 2 with Japanese star actor Suda Masaki, who made a special appearance in the K-drama.

Parasyte: The Grey is a Netflix series that portrays the conflict between humans and mysterious parasites that fall from space, create their own forces using humans as hosts, and unleash chaos. The K-drama is based on a Japanese manga series, Kiseijuu, by Iwaaki Hitoshi. 

Towards the finale of Parasyte: The Grey, Choi Joon Kyung (Lee Jung Hyun), the team leader of a specialized team that aims to eradicate parasites, encounters a man named Izumi Shinichi (Suda Masaki) from Japan. He introduces himself as a specialist in parasitic creatures.

Izumi Shinichi is the protagonist of the original manga from which the K-drama is adapted.

While filming the ending scene, director Yeon explained the worldview of Parasyte: The Grey in detail to Suda Masaki. He said, "I couldn't have just given [him] one line to say during filming the ending scene and told him to do it. The ending scene is set about eight years after the events of Parasyte: The Grey. I told actor Suda Masaki a very specific story." "I explained when this character [Izumi Shinichi] comes into play, and he understood and acted accordingly." 

The director also said the Japanese actor looked like Shinichi, the protagonist from the original manga, but more like a grown-up version of him.

Commenting on whether the character from the manga will be included in Season 2, director Yeon said, "It's difficult to give details, but there are plans." He further commented, "But if Season 2 is produced, I can say that Shinichi will have a role to some extent."

However, director Yeon said that the decision for Season 2 does not rest in his hands, stating, "That's not something I can decide. It's up to Netflix."

Lastly, when asked about how the story will unfold if Season 2 is produced, director Yeon said, "I think it [the story] will be about digging into something after eight years have passed. There is no limit to imagination, but it depends on whether it gets greenlit for production."

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