by lo_ve, March 23, 2021

Park Ha Sun will reportedly star in the upcoming Netflix series titled "Woman in Crisis".

On March 23, industry insiders revealed that Park Ha Sun will be starring in the upcoming series by director Lee Won Suk, "Woman In Crisis". It was previously reported that Gong Hyo Jin also received an offer to be the main lead for the said series. 

Park Ha Sun's agency KeyEast responded to the reports through media outlet Newsen and stated that the actress did indeed receive the proposal and she is currently reviewing it. Gong Hyo Jin is also positively considering starring in the drama according to her agency. 

"Woman in Crisis" will depict the story of a famous Korean drama writer who suddenly becomes trapped in the story she's writing.  The main character Kim Mari will face different kinds of situations that we see in makjang dramas and will try to escape from it in order to go back to reality. Kim Mari actually rose to fame by creating makjang (crazy, intense and over the top plots) dramas that contain various kdrama cliches.

If Park Ha Sun accepts the role in the upcoming series, she will act as Oh Soon Shim. She will be the main character in the drama written by Kim Ma Ri (the character offered to Gong Hyo Jin). 

Aside from "Woman In Crisis", Park Ha Sun is also considering the upcoming MBC drama "The Veil" with actor Namgoong Min. The drama is set to air in the second half of 2021. She also participated in the 2021 movie "Go Back" with Ha Yoon Kyung, Gam So Hyun, and others. 

Park Ha Sun will also appear in tvN's one-act drama "Drama Stage Season 4: On the Way to the Gynecologist" that will premiere on March 31.


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