by lo_ve, February 15, 2023

Park Min Young's side denied the circulating reports about her being involved in her ex-boyfriend's illegal issue and the actress being banned to leave the country.

On February 15, Hook Entertainment officially released a statement regarding reports about Park Min Young. 

Back in September 2022, Park Min Young was embroiled in a dating scandal. It was reported that Park Min Young is in a relationship with a non-showbiz businessman "Kang" who is known to be wealthy. Through the dating scandal, it was also revealed that the businessman is suspected of having manipulated stocks to make significant illegal profits.

Hook Entertainment clarified that Park Min Young and the businessman did date but they are no longer together and have broken up. 

Recently, several reports stated that Park MIn Young was summoned by the police for questioning under the suspicion that she may have been involved in the illegal affairs of businessman Kang. Reports also circulated that Park Min Young is currently banned from leaving South Korea. 

With this, Hook Entertainment clarified everything regarding the issue involving Park Min Young. 

Hook Entertainment released a statement and said: 

Hello, this is Hook Entertainment. We would like to inform you and clarify the earlier reports about our artist Park Min Young. The actress was indeed summoned for police questioning on February 13 as a mere witness for the current investigation. But we would like to clarify that the police did not prohibit her from leaving the country. We apologize for delivering unfavorable news during these trying times and we apologize for our delayed response."

According to reports, the businessman "Kang" allegedly used other people's names including Park Min Young in obtaining illegal investment bonds through affiliate companies of Bithumb.

Meanwhile, Park Min Young is in discussion to lead the upcoming K-drama Marry My Husband.


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