by Lily Alice, March 1, 2023

Misfortune comes at the most unexpected time and with unexpected problems. It is up to us to turn our misfortunes into opportunities.

Actress Park So Dam accepted her misfortune after being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and turned it into an opportunity to take some time off and look after herself. 

After the release of ParasitePark So Dam grew into a global star. From domestic plays to movies, the door of opportunity was wide open. She expected many things, but papillary thyroid cancer wasn't one of them. 

About her cancer, Park So Dam said, "I had ten lumps in my neck. It had spread to the lymph nodes, so it was really dangerous. My condition was severe in the hospital, and even if there was a little delay in the operation, I would have lost my voice". The actress further explained that if the cancer had metastasized to her lungs, she would have had to undergo chemotherapy. 

She further said, "Still, the surgical wound and other affected areas are stable. I am making a biorhythm by doing Pilates 5-6 times a week. I think it will get better with time, and I try to manage my condition well".

 At the end of 2021, Park So Dam announced through her agency that she had undergone papillary thyroid cancer surgery. Because she needed time to recover, she was unable to participate in the publicity schedule for her movie Special Delivery, which was released early in 2022.

 When asked how she found out that her health had deteriorated, she said, "During the filming of Phantom two years ago, I blamed myself for not having enough energy at work. I used to say to myself, ‘Park So-dam, why don’t you have as much energy as before, are you exhausted?’ During the filming, my throat hurt, but I thought maybe it was because of working in dust (on a lot of sets). I never imagined it would be because of thyroid cancer." 

 "A few months after filming ended, I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer during a health checkup. At first, only high vocal notes came out, so I practiced a lot to find the low vocal notes for six months. Now, I am working to find my voice", she said. "I wouldn't say I'm 100% cured. My hormonal levels fluctuate a lot, so I'll have to take medicine for about 5 years. I think I need to look after myself better than before".

At the end of 2022, Park So Dam went on a solo trip to Europe for 34 days. Starting from Barcelona, Spain, she traveled to Switzerland, London, and Iceland. Cancer was definitely an ordeal that shook the actress's life, but through her struggle with the disease, she grew into a stronger person than she was before. She also said that she came to know the meaning of 'good rest' at the age of 32. 

 Lastly, Park So Dam said, "Thanks to this, I looked back at what kind of person I am and how I should live. Until a few months ago, my condition varied every day, but it is getting better day by day. I really want to stand on the stage again. One of the things I haven’t done yet is a musical, so I will definitely try this too", she remarked. 

Park So Dam will be seen in the upcoming K-drama Death's Game alongside Seo In Guk and Go Youn Jung

We wish the actress a speedy recovery and good health.