by noona, December 15, 2019


Love at Least is a beautiful and realistic movie. It's a simple and slow-paced story without much plot, the entirety of which is just a woman who is trying to get her life together. Shuri does an amazing job as the role of a woman with depression who also has manic mood swings. Her intense and alluring acting brings the story to life. This is her first lead role, and I hope that she ends up getting awards for it.

Liverleaf is an original and shocking movie of a girl who is brutally abused by her classmates. Yamada Anna is a relatively new actress, but there is something really charming about her. Her sweet and innocent face always stands out more against the dark roles that she takes. She played in Sachiiro no One Room, which was the starting point of her popularity. This grim movie is a mix of strange purity and gore, and Yamada plays the role perfectly.

A Stray Goat is a dark and bittersweet movie. The movie got a lot of popularity when it first came out as it features Jinyoung, an amazing K-pop star turned actor. Even though Jinyoung does an amazing job despite it being one of his first roles, I feel that Ji Woo stood out more. Her character was beautiful and broken; she was stuck in a place where she could only rely on herself. Ji Woo creates a persona that is distant, pained, but somehow lovely.

Hwayi: A Monster Boy is an exceptional movie with two amazing actors. Yoon Seok is a senior actor that always does amazing when portraying a character, but Yeo Jin Goo is who stood out to me. This action thriller is brought to life by Jin Goo's intense and charismatic acting. His character is compelling, and he shows an incredible amount of emotion for being only sixteen when he played the character. 

Himizu is an extremely dark movie about broken people. The entirety of this dreary movie is made up of messed up situations that you don't really see much in fictional entertainment. Shoto Sometani shows such a dark side of the human mind and portrays a character that slowly breaks down, lost in a twisted reality.

Oasis is a realistic and startling story of a disabled couple. I actually started to watch this once, but dropped it and later came back. There's an unsettling scene where the male lead forces himself on her, which is completely wrong, but this scene sets the mood for the entire movie. The two aren't really right for each other because one has a hard time even understanding what it means to love someone, as he has some kind of intellectual disability and the other can't speak her mind due to her physical inability to do so. The female lead who is played by Moon So Ri does an amazing job acting like someone who struggles with being handicapped.

Tokyo Ghoul is a live-action of the original manga by the same name. Okay, so the movie itself isn't nearly as good as the manga or anime series, but Kubota Masataka perfectly brings to life Ken Kaneki. He plays a person who slowly becomes more and more twisted as he loses his human side. He shows an oddly realistic performance of a person who is completely lost within himself.

Pieta in the Toilet is a movie about a man dying from cancer. It's a dark and grim movie with Noda Yojiro playing as the male lead. Even though he hasn't had much acting experience, he was able to show what a dying man would feel like with so little time left. It's not a movie filled with drama or anything grand; it's simply about a man who doesn't have anywhere to go.

These are just some moments from other movies that I felt were really intense due to the actors and actresses amazing abilities.

Gifs in order: Hwayi - Yeo Jin Goo, Himizu - Shoto Sometani, The Silenced - Park Bo Young, Tokyo Ghoul - Kubota Masataka, Coin Locker Girl - Kim Go Eun, Veteran - Yoo Ah In

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