by Lily Alice, May 22, 2024

Creator Baek Mi Kyung and writer Yoo Ja reveal their inspiration for Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale.

Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale follows Shim Jae Rim (Pyo Ye Jin), a 21st-century Cinderella who dreams of a wealthy and good-looking Prince Charming to escape her bleak reality, and Moon Cha Min (Lee Jun Young), an arrogant son of a chaebol family.  

Creator Baek Mi Kyung shared her thoughts, saying, "It's my first time as a creator, so I faced many ups and downs, and it was also a new challenge as a producer. The journey, including casting and script work, was not easy, so I am very nervous ahead of the premiere." Writer Yoo Ja added, "It was the biggest adventure and first experience of my life, and I am grateful that I got to work with so many people." 

Writer Yoo Ja revealed her motivation for writing the script: "Even though I was writing a romantic comedy, I wanted it to be a story about overcoming the Cinderella complex rather than a simple Cinderella story." She mentioned, "I got the last 1% of inspiration from IU's song 'My Sea'. I tried to depict how you can love even those aspects of yourself that you yourself don't like." 

Baek Mi Kyung explains the K-drama's intended message: "I wanted to clearly depict the realistic concerns of young women. Every woman dreams of leading a strong and progressive life, but reality hits hard. I wanted to convey the message that anything is possible if you love yourself and live with self-esteem." 

Therefore, Baek Mi Kyung intended to portray the prince on a white horse not simply as a character but as an opportunity to change one's life. 

Writer Yoo Ja also expressed her desire to write a heartwarming story that tells people who feel trapped in a tower, hoping for someone to save them, that they have wings and can get out of the tower on their own. She said, "It's easy to feel helpless when you experience frustration and hurt as you grow. But in the end, all the hurt you experienced is in the past. So I wanted to write a heartwarming drama that tells you have grown up wonderfully and you have wings you can't see." 

The creators also expressed their affection for Pyo Ye Jin, who plays the 21st-century Cinderella Shim Jae Rim, and Lee Jun Young, who plays the chaebol heir Moon Cha Min.  

Writer Yoo Ja, who had Pyo Ye Jin in mind from the planning stage, praised her, saying, "Since Jae Rim is a character with ambitious desires, I wanted an actress who seems lovable and good-hearted. Pyo Ye Jin expressed various emotions with her eyes, which made the emotions of the character Shin Jae Rim well conveyed." 

She also praised actor Lee Jun Young, saying, "He used the lines I wrote so well that the synergy was excellent. He is really good at comedy acting." 

Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale will premiere on May 31. The K-drama will be available to stream on Paramount+.