by Lily Alice, September 20, 2023

ENA's upcoming Wednesday-Thursday K-drama Moon in the Day has unveiled character stills of Pyo Ye Jin.

Moon in the Day tells the story of a man who was tragically murdered by his beloved and finds himself frozen in time and a woman who has no memories from her past life. 

The released stills showcase Pyo Ye Jin's portraying both characters of Han Ri Ta, a woman from a noble family from Daegaya, and Kang Young Hwa, a firefighter. 

In the first still, Han Ri Ta is seen gazing into the distance with eyes filled with untold stories. Her expression poignantly conveys the sorrow of losing loved ones and surviving alone. Subsequently, dressed in elegant traditional Korean attire, she exudes royalty while gracefully riding a horse. 

On the other hand, Kang Young Hwa's professional conduct as a firefighter is nothing short of impressive. Her resolute look during rescue operations and the relief evident on her face after a successful animal rescue reflect her unwavering dedication to duty.

Pyo Ye Jin's extensive acting repertoire includes notable appearances in productions such as DoctorsFight for My WayWhile You Were SleepingWhat's Wrong with Secretary Kimand Taxi Driver

In Moon in the Day, Pyo Ye Jin, known for her versatility across various productions, will play both Han Ri Ta and her reincarnation, Kang Young Hwa. 

After saving him in a car accident while filming with Han Jun Oh and shooting a public service advertisement, her life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes his bodyguard by chance.   

Moon in the Day will premiere on October 25 (Wednesday) at 9 PM KST on Viki, following the mystery thriller The Kidnapping Day.