by lo_ve, December 19, 2023

Rowoon and Park Seo Ham are in discussion to work alongside director Choo Chang Min in the upcoming K-drama Murky Water.

According to media outlet OSEN on December 19, the upcoming K-drama Murky Water is expected to premiere on Disney+. It was also revealed that Rowoon and Park Seo Ham will possibly be the main leads of the new series. The K-drama will reportedly begin its filming in February of next year. 

Murky Water is a fictional historical K-drama that revolves around a man who started as a warhead in Mapo-naru, the center of Joseon's logistics and economy, and eventually becomes a legend of Joseon.

The upcoming series will be the first K-drama project of director Choo Chang Min. He is known for creating the films Seven Years of Night, Masquerade, Late Blossom, Lost in Love, and more. The script will be written by Chun Sung Il who created the hit K-dramas All of Us Are Dead, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning, Your Honor, King the Land, and more. NPIO Entertainment and New will produce it. 

Rowoon was the first to receive the offer to lead the K-drama. Park Seo Ham also received the offer and according to his agency, the actor is still reviewing it and there's no official confirmation yet on his casting.

There is no confirmation yet on the release date of the upcoming Disney+ K-drama Murky Water.

If Rowoon confirms his casting, this will be his first upcoming K-drama for 2024. This will also possibly be his first-ever Disney+ K-drama. Rowoon is currently starring in the KBS K-drama The Matchmakers with Cho Yi Hyun, Jo Han Chul, Lee Ye Joo, Park Ji Young, and Lee Hae Young. This year has been a busy one for Rowoon as he starred in several K-dramas such as Destined with You, A Time Called You, and the ongoing KBS one. 

Meanwhile, this will possibly be the comeback K-drama of Park Seo Ham after two years. This will also possibly be his first official project after being discharged from the military. He was last seen in the hit BL K-drama Semantic Error with Park Jae Chan, Song Ji Oh, Kim Noh Jin, Kim Won Ki, and Cha Jae Hoon.


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