by Lily Alice, September 27, 2023

In the upcoming KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama The Matchmakers, Rowoon plays the character named Shim Jung Woo, who is known for his short temper.

The Matchmakers is a comical melodrama set in the Joseon era. It tells the story of a widow and a widower who come together to orchestrate a wedding operation. 

In the K-drama, Shim Jung Woo is a character with a brilliant mind and the youngest person to pass the Civil Service Exam. However, his life takes a drastic turn due to a princess who passed away during the wedding ceremony, blocking his prospects for a successful career and marriage. 

The production team released Rowoon's stills, featuring him as Shim Jung Woo from The Matchmakers. In the stills, Shim Jung Woo, dressed in a light pink hanbok, strides determinedly toward Seungjeongwon (the Royal Secretariat). Subsequently, he flashes an intense look toward the Seungjeongwon's officials, bursting into anger. 

The production team also revealed that Shim Jung Woo, in the K-drama, filed an appeal for the annulment of his marriage, a case that has been unresolved for eight years. 

Rowoon's bold acting transformation as the angriest man of Joseon, Shim Jung Woo, in his first comedic historical drama, is eagerly anticipated.

Rowoon expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I found the script interesting from the moment I read it, and working with the cast on set made it even more enjoyable. It feels like I'm playing a completely different character, Shim Jung Woo, in The Matchmakers, unlike any of my previous roles". He also added, "It's been a while since I brought the viewers a historical drama, so I ask for a lot of expectations for the premiere".

Mark your calendars for the premiere of KBS2's upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, The Matchmakers, on October 30 (Monday).