by Ceki, January 21, 2018

The following is Jeon Tae Soo’s agency’s statement:

I am sorry to bring heavy news to everyone.

On January 21, actor Jeon Tae Soo, aged 34, changed his fate.
The deceased was consistently receiving treatment for his depression,  and his condition was improving. Even up until recently, he was discussing making his return as an actor. Both friends and family are grieving and full of sorrow over the sudden, sad news.

Jeon Tae Soo was full of passion for acting and was a pure artist who had deep knowledge of various fields including fine arts. Please refrain from any speculative articles or malicious comments.

The funeral service will be held as soon as possible with his family  members and friends. We would like to ask the media to refrain from media coverage at the funeral hall so the deceased can be reverently cherished.

We are sorry and full of sorrow to bring such heart-breaking news. Once again, we would like to offer our condolences.

— Haewadal Entertainment

Jeon Tae Soo was Ha Ji Won's younger brother. According to his agency, he was being treated for depression regularly and was in the process of discussing his return to the acting  industry recently.

No cause of death has been announced until now.

Jeon Tae Soo was best known as the antagonist in the 2010 drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal

After he was charged in 2011 with assaulting a taxi driver and two policemen under the influence of alcohol, Jeon withdrew from the  sitcom All My Love and went on a temporary hiatus. He made his acting comeback in the 2013 period drama Cruel Palace - War of Flowers.

His last role was of Jin Moo in The King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang.

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