by lo_ve, July 23, 2021

The movie "The Dude In Me" will have its drama version! 

It was announced on July 23rd that Park Sung Woong and B1A4 Jung Jin Young's 2019 film "The Dude In Me" will be produced as a drama. 

Production and distribution company TCO The ContentOn Co., Ltd. and a KONEX-listed company announced on July 16th that they are holding a script writing contest for the drama version of "The Dude In Me." They shared the notice in the Naver cafe writers' community "The Writers' Group," with more than 100,000 members.

"The Dude in Me" movie was led by actors Park Sung Woong, Jung Jin Young, Ra Mi Ran, Yoon Gyung Ho, Lee Joon Hyuk, Kim Kwang Gyu, and Lee Soo Min. It was helmed by Kang Hyo Jin and written by Jo Joong Hoon and Shin Han Sol

It depicted the story of a high school student and a member of a criminal organization suddenly exchanging bodies. The movie was released in January 2019 and it garnered over 1.92 million viewers.

The contest aims to recruit fresh ideas from rookie to veteran writers as they produce the upgraded version of the movie into a drama. The format of the upcoming series will have 8 to 16 episodes for 60 minutes each. Applicant writers will need to submit proposals that include intentions, character introductions, plot with ending, synopsis, and more. The winner will receive prize money and they will get the opportunity to sign a contract as a writer. Other applicants who were not selected for the drama will also have an opportunity to work with the production company's other projects.

The recruitment for the drama will be from July 22 to September 2. 

Meanwhile, other cast, airing dates and further details are yet to be revealed. 


Have you seen the movie "The Dude In Me"?
What are your thoughts about it being reproduced as a drama?