by Lily Alice, March 2, 2023

The movie I Am Here has been confirmed to release in April. A poster has also been released showing Jung Jin Woon and Jo Han Sun

I Am Here is a crime thriller depicting a police-criminal chase between the murder suspect Kyu Jong (Jung Jin Woon) and the violent-crimes team detective Jeon Doo (Jo Han Sun).

In the movie, Seon Doo is a hot-blooded detective who spares no effort to catch a criminal. And Kyu Jong is a murder suspect, who got an organ transplant in the past which gave him the personality and memories of the donor, who was a murderer. 

Jo Han Sun rose to fame through his extraordinary performance in K-drama Hot Stove League. He also played supporting roles in the dramas Possessed and Mask. 

The 2AM singer and actor Jung Jin Woon plays the role of Kyu Jong, a murder suspect caught in the investigation. Jung Jin Woon first played a lead role in Dream High Season 2 and was also a part of the dramas The Dramatic and Thirty But Seventeen. He and Jo Han Sun both were last seen in the thriller drama Midnight Thriller. The actor will also be seen in the upcoming sports drama film Rebound

The launching poster, which was released along with the news of the opening, shows a confrontation between murder suspect Kyu Jong and Jeon Doo, and the tagline tells "Two men entangled in a terrible fate, only one survives!".  

The Korean movie also casts Jung Tae WooNoh SusannaPark Soon ChunJung In KiLee Ji Won, and Moon Seo Yeon, among others. 

I Am Here is directed by Shin Geun Ho.