by lo_ve, September 6, 2022

Upcoming TVING drama "Ransom" announced its premiere month.

On September 6th, TVING released the official poster and first trailer of their upcoming original series "Ransom." 

"Ransom" will depict its story from the 2015 short film of the same name. It will showcase the happenings when a major earthquake hits a building where a "bargaining" for various reasons is currently being held. It will reveal the struggles of human beings to survive in the middle of chaos where they are disconnected from the outside world. 

The upcoming drama will be directed and written by Jeon Woo Sung ("Strongest Deliveryman" and "The Reputable Family"). Other writers that will also pen the script are Kwak Jae Min and Choi Byung Yoon. 

"Ransom" will be led by Jin Seon Kyu, Jeon Jong Seo, Chang Ryul, Kang Gil Woo, and Jo Han Joon

The upcoming TVING drama will be produced by Climax Studio and will exclusively be available through TVING this October.

Watch the first trailer here: 

The first trailer revealed the close encounter between Jin Seon Kyu's character Noh Hyung Soo and Jeon Jeong Seo's character Park Joo Young. Noh Hyung Soo was seen excited to see Park Joo Young in a hotel room. Everything was then reversed as Noh Hyung Soo became the subject of an auction. Several bidders were picking a body part in the auction led by Park Joo Young. 

Another twist happened when Noh Hyung Soo is already on the verge of dying, and the building where they are suddenly collapsed. The scene showed how all the people are crazily struggling to survive in an isolated building.

Meanwhile, in the official poster, Jin Seon Kyu, Jeon Jong Seo, and Chang Ryul are looking down in anxiousness at the collapsed building. The caption also stated, "the dangerous transaction of the crazy" giving more curiosity about the drama. 


Are you going to watch the premiere of "Ransom"?