by Lily Alice, May 2, 2024

Disney+ has unveiled the character stills for its upcoming original series Uncle Samsik, featuring Tiffany Young. 

In the K-drama, Tiffany Young portrays Rachel Jung, the director of the Albright Foundation, who handles the foundation's projects. She meets Kim San (Byun Yo Han), who dreams of transforming Korea, and begins to take an interest in his goal. 

In the stills, Tiffany Young gives a glimpse of Rachel Jung. The director of the Albright Foundation exudes professionalism, displaying a calm and friendly demeanor while maintaining a serious focus on her objectives. 

About her character, Rachel Jung, Tiffany Young commented, "I focused on analyzing and interpreting the psychological aspects of the character more than her chemistry with other characters." She also expressed her passion for the project, "The filming set was like a dream. It is a work that encouraged me to march on with hope and courage." 

Director Shin Yeon Shick praised Tiffany Young, stating, "Tiffany Young has an excellent sense of language, so she gave a lot of tips on English dialogues. [She is] an actress who has as much acumen as Rachel Jung from the drama."

Disney+ will release five episodes of Uncle Samsik on May 15, followed by two episodes every week and three episodes in the final week, for a total of 16 episodes.