by Ceki, August 19, 2018

(Yuan Crystal and Qin Jun Jie)

Unfortunately, there arn't many wuxia drama adaptations out there. There are many xianxia dramas, which can be considered a subplot of wuxia because they contain fantasy elements, but not many dramas are based on actual classical wuxia novels slash plots.

Tingxue Tower is an upcoming 2019 drama that contains scenes which remind us of the last decade’s wuxia masterpieces such as Hero, House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 

However, Tingxue Tower does not seem 100% old-school wuxia because it has some elements of fantasy. However, as you can see in the promotional video above, a couple of scenes are reminiscent of the legendary rain fight in Hero and the bamboo forest fights which can be found in both Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (watch here) and House of Flying Daggers (watch here).

You can also note the consistent use of red and white, known for being featured in Zhang Yi Mou's wuxia works.

Here are the promotional posters and stills from the drama:

So what does the trailer remind you of the classic wuxia films?
Which do you prefer - wuxia or xianxia?

Is Tingxue Tower on your dramalist?

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