by lo_ve, November 23, 2022

The upcoming romance fantasy drama "The Season of Kkok Du" announced its official premiere date.

MBC unveiled on November 23rd that "The Season of Kkok Du" will premiere on January 27th, 2023. The series will be part of the Friday and Saturday timeslot of the broadcast channel. 

"The Season of Kkok Du" will be the collaboration work of directors Baek Soo Chan and Kim Ji Hoon and writers Kang Yi Hun and Huh Joon Woo.

The upcoming K-drama will tell the story of a high-ranking grim reaper who is the only being existing in the underworld. Every 99 years, he takes a break from his job and goes to earth and live as a human for 49 days. There, he will enter the body of the human named Do Jin Woo. While living as Do Jin Woo, he will meet a female doctor that has the mysterious power to order him around.

"The Season of Kkok Du" will have a total of 16 episodes and it will exclusively air on MBC.

The upcoming k-drama will be led by Kim Jung Hyun, Im Soo Hyang, SISTAR's Kim Da Som, Ahn Woo Yeon, Cha Chung Hwa, and Kim In Kwon.

Kim Jung Hyun will give life to the character named Kkok Du and Do Jin Woo. Kkok Du is a high-ranking grim reaper who is cold and cruel. Kkok Du will possess human Do Jin Woo's body for 49 days while he is on earth. 

Im Soo Hyang will play the role of Han Gye Jeol, she is a talented doctor who will have great control over Kkok Du on earth. 

Meanwhile, supporting casts Kim Da Som will portray the role of Tae Jung Won, Ahn Woo Yeon will play as Han Gye Jeol's younger brother and a detective named Han Chul, Kim In Kwon will play the role of Ok Sin, the "god of wit," and lastly, Cha Chung Hwa will portray the character named Chak Shin, the "god of rumors."

The production team of the drama shared, "As all the cast and staff members continue to film with one mind, you can look forward to the fantastic synergy of the series. We ask for your support and interest in the upcoming first broadcast."


Are you excited to watch the romance fantasy drama "The Season of Kkok Du"?