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Hello, dear MDLers! Two years ago, on December 31st, my favourite Korean variety show Master in the House started airing! As the show is reaching its second anniversary, I decided to write an article about it, since I believe more people should give it a try.


Basically, the four hosts of the show spend two days and one night together with reputable figures of various fields, known as Masters, and they get to know about the lives of them in hopes of gaining knowledge and wisdom. The Masters can vary from idols, actors, comedians, players, musicians, chefs, coaches to history lectors. The main point of the show is the four hosts to learn about their Masters' life, to see life from their point of view and follow their everyday routine. For example, if the master is a football coach, they'll most likely learn how to play football.

Number of episodes: 99 (as of Dec 27, 2019)
Running time: 90 minutes (sometimes less)

      OUR AMAZING HOSTS       

Lee Seung Gi is a famous South Korean actor, ballad singer and entertainer and you most likely know who he is since he has starred in a lot of popular Kdramas such as Hwayugi, Gu Family BookVagabond etc. I am not gonna lie here, he is my most favourite among the four hosts and thanks to MITH, he became my favourite Korean celebrity. He has a very cheerful personality, he is very kind, gentle and charismatic. He has a unique character, and you can't help but fall in love with him. He leads the show flawlessly, and he is a significant figure for the progression of the show. He is very talkative, so he always manages to help the Masters feel comfortable around the cameras. He is very natural when he talks, and honestly, he is funny as hell. :D I love seeing him getting frustrated and angry (especially at Se Hyeong lol), he is too adorable!
Yang Se Hyung (the first photo) is a South Korean comedian and entertainer, and you might know him if you've seen Infinite Challenge, The Manager etc.  He is definitely the funniest host out of the four, and he can easily make you laugh. He is very quirky, talkative to the point that someone (mostly Seung Gi) can find him annoying lol.
Lee Sang Yoon (the second photo) is a South Korean model and actor, most famous for his roles in V.I.P, About Time and Twenty Again. Master in the House is his first variety show, he was very insecure at first if people will like him because he is ''not funny''. However, as the show progressed, Sang Yoon became everyone's favourite. He has such an interesting personality, he doesn't try to be fake or pretend to be funny. He is smart, intelligent and very kind-hearted. He is that kind of person with whom you'd like to talk about anything.
Yook Sungjae (the third photo) is a South Korean actor, entertainer and the maknae of the K-pop group BTOB. His most famous roles are as Gong Tae Kwang (School 2015) and Yoo Deok Hwa (Goblin). The most interesting thing about Sungjae is that he is more than what he shows. I mean, sometimes the way he talks makes you think "Oh, this boy must be going through something''. He has a unique personality and is a very cool person overall. Sometimes, he acts stupidly, but it's fine because he makes you laugh.


( in no particular order )

EPISODES 52 - 53 with Choi Min Soo

Choi Min Soo is a South Korean actor. I personally know him from the drama Lawless Lawyer where he played as the bad guy Ahn Oh Joo. I liked his performance in the drama, but I wasn't really interested in him back then. But these two episodes of Master in the House showed me what a unique person he is. And you can actually see his eccentric self in his acting, too.

These episodes are one of my most favourites because they touched me very deeply. Choi Min Soo asked the four hosts what their fears are and they were unexpectedly very honest about it. Then, hearing them, Min Soo made them face what they fear and showed them a person is bigger than his fears. He also shared one of his stories that made me cry — truly emotional episode and also very meaningful.

EPISODES 72-73 with Lee Seo Jin

Lee Seo Jin as a South Korean actor and entertainer. Before his appearance in the show, I had nothing about him since I had never seen him anywhere. He was not a master, but a travel mate since these episodes were a vacation special and they went to Aomori in Japan.

The reason why these episodes are one of my faves is honestly Lee Seo Jin. In other episodes, I usually enjoy watching both the master and the hosts, but in these two episodes, the main focus of my attention was Seo Jin. This person is the definition of a tsundere*, I was in awe. He appeared to be very cold-hearted and kinda dull, but some of his actions made me realize that he is in fact very sweet and caring. He cared for the staff and people around him, and you could see he is timid and insecure at times. It was tough to read through his mind and to understand what kind of person he is since he tries his best to hide his true identity. There was a moment when I felt sad for him, he was talking to Seung Gi (they are friends by the way) how he envies his friends because they have children and family, they are happy and so. And he is alone, not yet married. He had tears in his eyes, and that almost made me cry, too.

I always appreciate these parts of the show, I don't need them playing games etc., I'm okay with them talking about random topics because that's how we learn new things which is the purpose of the show. The episodes with him were overall hilarious though.

EPISODES 89-90 with Chan Sung Jung

Chan Sung Jung is a South Korean martial artist and kickboxer also known as ''The Korean Zombie''.

If I have to be honest, I can't be less interested in boxing. I don't get the point of this sport at all, and that's why I turn off the TV whenever I see boxing matches. However, watching Chan Sung Jung, my opinion kinda changed and now I see the sport in a somehow different light. Seeing the passion in Sung Jung's eyes, what he has to go through on a daily basis to be able to fight... it was just so inspirational (especially to us who are chilling on the bed, watching dramas 24/7). This sport is his life, it means everything to him. It made me realize that even though punching people here and there is not the best job in the world, it can be someone's dream, passion, way of living.

The four hosts were also amazed by him, although they had some painful experiences because he tried to teach them and it turned out that they are not gonna be future boxers. Very surprising. :D

So why you should watch Master in the House?  It is a unique show full of important messages and heartwarming moments. It is incredibly hilarious, and at the same time, it can make you cry in a matter of seconds.

You can watch the episodes I picked as favourites if you are wondering if you should watch the whole show or not. You can choose whatever episodes you want since they are not connected. Of course, I advise you to check out all of the episodes, but I do know that not everyone has the time to watch 100+ eps.

I'm gonna end this article here since I don't want it to be too long. I mean, it's already long, but... whatever. :D I love talking about Master in the House, but I just wanted to do a small introduction to the show. I feel like it did so many things for me and I learnt from it a lot, so I needed to do at least something for it. I'm not sure if the article turned out well, but I hope it made you consider adding the show to your PTW or CW list.

Are you watching Master in the House? Who is/are your favourite master/s, and why?





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