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 Hi! My name is Nicks but i prefer to be called Minarii. I've been watching dramas for more than two years and my journey started with Goblin. Now i watch dramas regularly and watching them became my most favourite (and lowkey unhealthy) hobby. I mainly watch k & jdramas, sometimes chinese, thai and taiwanese shows.

My favourite genres are medical, law, psychological, historical and thriller. I usually avoid watching action and school dramas. The amnesia trope is my biggest enemy but I can't run away from it. I also hate love triangles and I never suffer from second lead syndrome (School 2015 is an exception). 

My all-time favourite drama is Dr. Romantic, I have a list with all of my fave ones so be sure to check it out if you want to know more about my taste. My favourite actor is Ji Sung and my favourite actress is the beautiful Seo Hyun Jin. Oh, and my favourite korean celebrity is Lee Seung Gi and this will probably never change. I love him too much. 

I try to be as objective as possible when rating a drama so I believe none of my ratings are subjectively given.


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