by Lily Alice, August 24, 2023

Set in the 1990s, The Worst of Evil is a story of the journey of police officer Joon Mo (Ji Chang Wook), who infiltrates the base of a Korea-China-Japan drug trade syndicate in Gangnam, aiming to dismantle its operations.

In the K-drama, actor Wi Ha Joon takes on the role of Jung Ki Chul, boss of the Gangnam Union, which controls the Korea-China-Japan drug cartel. 

To give a glimpse of the actor in his role, Disney+ released stills on August 24th. The actor is seen clad in a suit and embodying the sinister demeanor of a gangster.  

The character Jung Ki Chul is a man who had a painful childhood and rose from the bottom to his current status, solely focusing on success. He is willing to do whatever it takes, using any means necessary, to reach his goals. As he sits on the pinnacle of success, he reunites with his first love, Yoo Eui Jung (Im Se Mi) - Park Joon Mo's (Ji Chang Wook) wife and a narcotics officer - which makes things complicated. 

Director Han Dong Wook expressed amazement at Wi Ha Joon's performance, stating, "Wi Ha Joon is very passionate. He takes one step further without hesitating. His acting is extremely nuanced and detailed". Action director Park Geun Beom also praised Wi Ha Joon's action skills as the best he has seen among actors, fueling anticipation for the actor's performance in the Disney+ series The Worst of Evil.

Be seated for the release of The Worst of Evil on September 27th on Disney+.