by Ceki, March 10, 2018

ModelPress is a news media that is delivering entertainment news & lifestyle information for women. Between February 16 - 23 the site conducted a survey on almost 17 thousand participants to find out who are their top 10 ikemen heart-throbs from the Winter 2018 drama section. Let's see the results!

10th place: Kimura Takuya 

(BG: Personal Bodyguard)

KimuTaku made quite a stir this year because he finally appeared in a new drama! He stars as Shimazaki Akira, a capable bodyguard who disguises himself as a security guard.

9th place: Ryosuke Yamada 

(Momikeshite Fuyu)

In this comedy slash action drama, Yamada stars as Kitazawa Shusaku, a police officer who has to deal with his crazy family, colleagues, criminals and everyone else.

8th place: Kazuya Kamenashi 


It is rare to not see Kazuya on lists such as this one. He plays Keisuke Nakamura, a man who sets out on a revenge mission to find a man responsible for his mother's suicide.

7th place: Yamada Yuki 

(Holiday Love)

This manga adaptation deals with infidelity and Yuki plays in quite a few interesting and steamy scenes.

6th place: Takumi Kitamura

(Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru)

Takumi stars as a cute gay guy Aoki Saku who is in a relationship with an older man. I heard there is also a kissing scene! BL fans, you know what to do!

5th place: Yamazaki Kento 

(Kiss That Kills)

I guess the list would be incomplete without Kento, but this drama is actually worth watching! He plays a cynical host Dojima Otaro who travels back in time by kissing a mysterious woman.

4th place: Matsumoto Jun 

(99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi - Season 2)

We haven't seen MatsuJun for quite some time, but he is back as Miyama Hiroto, a young lawyer who seeks justice for the innocent. This is the second season of the popular law drama.

3rd place: Kubota Masataka 


The 3rd place is for Masataka who is famous for weird and unique characters. This time he plays a recorder Kube Rokuro.

2nd place: Iura Arata 


The second place belongs to the manly autopsy doctor Nakado Kai, played by Arata!

1st place: Koji Seto 


And the first place goes to the talented Koji Seto who plays a cross-dressing guy Kuranosuke in this popular manga adaptation. He is actually pretty good at this role and looks both manly and feminine! Are you watching this drama?

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