by Hazel Jung, July 10, 2023

According to YTN Star's coverage, Yoo Jae Myung has been offered a major role in the drama Open Murder Contract  (written by Lee Soo Jin, and directed by Choi Gook Hee), and he is currently positively considering the offer.

Open Murder Contract depicts a fierce struggle between those who want to kill a heinous criminal, who was released after 13 years, and those who want to survive, with a 20 billion won (approximately $15,314,884) bounty on his head.
In this ironic situation, there is a police officer who must protect the criminal, a killer threatened by the public executioner, a lawyer who becomes the legal representative of the criminal for success, a mayor who uses the criminal to survive a political crisis, a son who has been oppressed with the label of being the killer's child, a killer who comes to Korea to kill the criminal according to the horoscope, and a mysterious figure who puts a bounty on the criminal's head. It is an action thriller black comedy that tells the stories of various characters.

The drama will be helmed by Choi Gook Hee, known for films like Default and Life Is Beautiful, and the script will be written by Lee Soo Jin, the writer of the film The Devil's Deal. Currently, discussions are underway with global OTT platforms for distribution.

Earlier, the casting news of Lee Sun Kyun had been reported, so there is anticipation for the chemistry between Yoo Jae Myung and Lee Sun Kyun.

Yoo Jae Myung made his debut in 1997 in the play "Inept People" and gained popularity with his appearance in the 2015 tvN drama Reply 1988. Since then, he has appeared in various works such as tvN's Stranger, JTBC's Itaewon Class, tvN's Vincenzo, and films like Voice of Silence and Kingmaker, showcasing impressive performances. He is also about to appear in the Netflix series Song of the Bandits.