I loved the whole drama. And I am one of those, who r happy for the last happy ending scenes. :) But I got a little confused about the ending. I am rewatching it now and I got some explaining thoughts to the ending scene. 

1. Black/Joons existence got erased. But only the humans lost the memorys of him. The grim reapers keep the memories of black/Joon. Otherwise the reapers wouldn't know about former deleted reapers. Also Loser clearly remembers the promise with Black/Joon. 

2. Loser/Leo saves  Ha Rams parents from the car accident - > Ha Rams father didn't got possessed by reaper - > Ha Ram is normal human. 

Now my opinion on the last scene:

Joon is really gone. He got erased. So he never lived - > can't have a soul living in after - life. He is gone. But only the humans have lost the memory of him. 

So... at the end... through the power of Ha Rams true LOVE... she remembers him and all the moments they spent together. But if a human (ha ram) actually does remember Joon... could he really never existed? 

Do u all remember the end of Queen InHyuns man? It's pretty much alike. 

I think maybe her memorys brought Joon back. Not as a human because either Joon and Mo Gang r dead. Even in Ha Rams memory. And not as a grim reaper because in Ha Rams memory +what Leo had told her.. Joons body was found and he already got punishment as a grim reaper. So i think because there is a human, who holds memories of Joon, his soul is brought back. And the whole story through the drama is true again. Because he can't be not existing if a human knows about him. So at the end he picks up dead Ha Ram to the happy ever AFTER world :) 

And then a Titanic - like ending. Ha Rams soul is young again. And Joons soul is 'old' (not the child). He looks like Mo Gang because they r kinda brothers. Everyone said they look the same. So for the afterlife they got their forms back from that time, when their love bloomed. Since Ha Rams love brought him back. 

How does that sound? What do u think? :)