Aside from the interesting story line and characters.... The clothes of the characters' are really pretty. The fashion made me love the drama more.
Personally, I love yoo jung, eun taek, baek in ha and hong seol's wardrobe. 
(ep 10: you can see everyone's clothes)
Whose wardrobe is your favorite?
hong seol.. simple but nice ;)
me encanta todo de cheese in the trap <3333
I basically want Seol's wardrobe. If only I could pull off her style.
I haven't seen this yet, but it looks like the girl in the camel coat has some seriously great style going on~ !
I'm in love with this Baek In Ha's dress. I've even been trying to find it but couldn't. Does anyone know what brand is the dress or where can I see a picture of it?
Baek in ha, cause i love expensive colorful clothes