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Dramas keep me sane while I work my way through law school, and MDL helps me find new ones to binge. Now that I've watched more than just a handful, I love giving recommendations to others when I can. I'm afraid I haven't watched many non-romance dramas or many haters-to-lovers dramas, so I'm not a good source for recommending those.

I generally prefer dramas where the ML falls first and has very strong feelings for the FL, and where both leads are capable people in some way. I usually don't like MLs who are extreme jerks that harass or try to control the FL.

I don't follow any kpop groups, but I love good drama OSTs. 

Beyond dramaland, I love good food, travel, following int'l figure skating, equestrian, and sleeping in.

I'm also watching Timeless, Elementary, the 100, iZombie, and Brooklyn Nine Nine.


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