I enjoy the drama but the mother character really takes the fun out of it.

I even started to blame FL for enduring and protecting her mother so much she never learned from her mistake.

so I feel like if the mother will not go through some major change to release my pent-up anger, then I should stop torturing  myself and wait to the end to watch it in one go. while skipping all her bullshit altogether

I'm not against spoilers.

PS. Okay, I'm gonna put it out that I'm Asian. And the melodramas in my country have many mothers like this too.

But this, right now, with all the real-life shit I'm facing, gives me headaches. 

So I would rather suffer through it in one go with a happy ending waiting for me than suffer through it daily.

I read 9 chapters of the book machine translated,  but in the book the mother is described as meddling but she isn't as bad as in the drama,  The father has spoiled the mother in such a way that he doesn't take their side. After the inheritance the daughter buys a small apartment and lives alone, while the parents live in a bigger apartment with the brother who later leaves because he hates his mother's meddling and lives a while in his sister's apartment. She throws him out of her apartment after he tells her parents that she has an affair with  yao (ml) in the drama.  

They live together apparently but the chapter ends with her announcement to him that she will go back to live with her  parents again.

Why? I don't know. The mother never comes to her job to disturb her but she wants her daughter to marry a nice (not poor) person. So is she punished  no, But in the novel it doesn't make a difference.  The  fl knows what she wants and I think in the future she won't live completely as her mother wants. 

But there were only 9 chapters I got to read. 

In the drama the mother is really bad. And I'm afraid that in the drama she won't ever learn anything.