Ep 1 - They were in Helsinski, Finland,  according to where Cafe Engel is located.

Some other places that appeared on AASOL that were mentioned by Visit Finland on their Weibo:

Bar Chaplin

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

Ravintola Messenius 


Allas Restaurants

Roobertin Herkku

Ep 1.
The station in the non-existing Naxin town is actually Pasila station in Helsinki. https://maps.app.goo.gl/ShgwHgfqF5N9q1nH7

The coffee shop: https://maps.app.goo.gl/fGFjW9aRkujhCMiTA


Chinese restaurant Nanking, I used to eat there a lot 😄: https://maps.app.goo.gl/jWHe739guwUrsk9M6

The billiard bar: https://maps.app.goo.gl/XAVXCqmNUrcj7Jjc6

Ep 3.

restaurant Domo, it's actually Japanese food, pretty good https://maps.app.goo.gl/bH4vwoYcNgkYjXa39

The apartment the guys live in is so not a student apartment, I can't, it's in the old town, huge, and it has expensive furniture... I bet the rent would be no less than 2500€ (if not 3000), and no one would rent a place out with all the furniture like that. Just couldn't help myself not comment on that 😅

Billiard place: https://maps.app.goo.gl/wsRNfTjQgqCQxTPL8


The lecture hall is likely in Aalto University Töölö  https://maps.app.goo.gl/QEP1ZmhCFAeaQFNx7

The house where they live, this also gives an idea about the rent (even more than I assumed): https://asunnot.oikotie.fi/vuokra-asunnot/helsinki/19203386 

Ep 5.

The place where they eat fish https://maps.app.goo.gl/SwaUf4RXQyoQs62c8
The ice cream place is close by even in real life https://maps.app.goo.gl/vyWa9MYWuPcKfzDs5

Btw, the metro does not stop because of snow. It never happens. Trains can be late and trams are a pain in winter, and one time I did take a taxi not to be late for a doctor's appointment, but it cost me an arm and a leg for 10 min ride.

second restaurant: https://maps.app.goo.gl/cGxzTHFJP9noPhK59

The train line to the airport is the heart on the poster. Cute.

 Wndering Dragon:


The lecture hall is likely in Aalto University Töölö  https://maps.app.goo.gl/QEP1ZmhCFAeaQFNx7

The house where they live, this also gives an idea about the rent (even more than I assumed): https://asunnot.oikotie.fi/vuokra-asunnot/helsinki/19203386 

The lecture hall seen in episode four is at the University of Helsinki, specifically at Metsätalo (transl. to "Forest Building"). As the name of the building suggests many of the lecture halls there have distinct features made of wood which makes them fairly easy to recognise. The one seen is the building's main lecture hall. Its address is Unioninkatu 40, Helsinki (also Fabianinkatu 39, as it has entrances on two sides of the building).


Ep 14, Pont Des Amours - the bridge where they placed the lock overseeing Annecy Lake.




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List of locations   

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  1. "Red Fish" / Storyville    
  2. Train stations
  3. Café Engel
  4. Kaffecentralen (Coffee Bean supplier)
  5. Nanking Restaurant (Ravintola Nanking)
  6. Chinese Billiards Room  (Bar Chaplin)
  7. Ramen Restaurant  (Ravintola Domo)
  8. Groovetown Jack Billiard Club
  9. Shared apartment
  10. Fish lunch, Ice cream, and Aged wine ( Jävelino, Ravintola Messenius)
  11. Sweets shop (Robertin Herkku)

"RED FISH" jazz bar (Ep.1)


Museokatu 8, 00100 Helsinki    (+358 50 3632664)     jazz bar


Yin Guo 殷果 (played by "Angel Zhao" /Zhao Jinmai 赵今麦 ) and her cousin Meng Xiao Tian 孟晓天  (played by  Wang Jia Xuan  王佳璇) planned to travel to see Lin Yi Yang  林亦扬  (played by "Leo Wu" / Wu Lei 吴磊 ) who had taken them by taxi to their hotel, on the night of the snowstorm, in order to treat him to a meal in his university town. Before leaving Hel, YG and her cousin had a snack and narrowly missed LYY and WW who had stopped his friend to tell him that his "elder sister" (cousin) wanted to see him. LYY arranged for YG and her cousin to be accomodated and have a meal, in exchange for a favor. 

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 Aleksanterinkatu 26, 00170 Helsinki  (+358 9 652 776)

"Cafe Engel is an iconic coffee house in Senate Square, directly opposite Helsinki Cathedral."

 LYY had reserved a table for his new friends, for a quick snack of coffee, tiramisu, and a panini sandwich. But YG wanted to buy coffee beans for her friend Zheng Yi who had made the reservation for the hotel, the night of the snowstorm; LYY took her to the coffee bean shop, next.

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Fredrikinkatu 59, 00100 Helsinki  (+358 20 7348320)

Although I am not sure this one does supply raspberry flavor coffee beans and Kona coffee beans (from Hawaii) like the ones that LYY picked u to let YG taste them, this is the place they went!

This is an additional list of coffee shops and descriptions I found.

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Kalevankatu 28, 00100 Helsinki  (+358 9 6940338)

After having purchased coffee beans, YG had dinner with her friend  Su Wei 苏薇 (played by Lu Mei Xi 卢美西 ) and SW's friend "Berry" (not credited)

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 Mannerheimintie 6, Helsinki, Finland (+358 9 2600060)

Su Wei took her friends to the Chinese billiards hall nearby, where LYY was competing in Nine-Ball against "the local champion" in the billiards rooms downstairs.

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