Can’t wait to watch “Falling in love with you is the best I have ever done.” My YangShuang couple is gonna appear on screen together again ❤️❤️❤️

Omg yes!! If this is not fake news and it really is a Love 020 reunion then I am so keen!! 2020 come already!! I cannot wait. 

Wei Wei and Xiao Nai were couple goals. My OTP????

is this real? confirmed?? omg i cant wait!!!!

Can't wait to watched..I'm very excited..???



when in 2020 does it come out and how can I watch it.   

When this drama expected to release

Pls God...Pls let this news b true...Sooo excited 2 see Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang together again...

is this confirmed? i also heard they were gonna be in a different drama!

Well 2 months later all I can say is thanks for the info.
Gonna bookmark it for now:
Falling in Love with You Is the Best Thing I Have Ever Done 

Looking forward to it ?

This drama has not been officially confirmed. I doubt it will ever be released, most information about this drama has been deleted everywhere :(