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Dramaland ✨


Dramaland ✨

Hey, I'm Celina :))

[Due to returning to my studies I will be less active :( Sorry for a delay in responses!]

 I'm a contributor here on MDL who has a huge interest towards Asian culture, music and the film/drama industry! I've been watching Asian dramas for around 4 years now after watching my first Asian drama, W- Two Worlds :)

I like/love: Romance, Fantasy, Older Man / Younger Woman, Historical, Action, Crime, Inter-species romance, Wuxia, Medical and Time Travel.

I dislike/hate: Tragedies, Amnesia, Older Woman / Younger Man, annoying leads and Cross Dressing

I rate in terms of how much I enjoyed them, not the quality :

10 = My favorite Drama/movie that I re-watch often and would highly recommend 
9/9.5 = Enjoyed a lot but not my favorite
8/8.5 = Enjoyable but I probably wouldn't re-watch it
7/7.5 = I managed to watch it but it was probably placed on-hold often while watching
6.5/0 = Dragged my way through it, wouldn't recommend

My Favorite OSTs :

The Lonely Shining Goblin
The Eternal love
Better Days
Royal Nirvana
Love Affairs In The Afternoon
Love In Sadness
Kill It
Listening Snow Tower
The Brightest Star In The Sky

My Favorite Actors and Actresses:

All-Time Favorite Drama Couples:

Lian Cheng & Tan Er
Yo Han & Shi Young
Han Shuo & Xiao Qian
Taira Kei & Nishihara Yui
Dong Hua & Feng Jiu
Touba Jun & Xin Er
Qiu Yue & Chun Hua
Chu Che & Yi Luo
Helan & Pi Pi

Send me a friend request!

Most GIFs on my page are my own, if you wish to use them please ask or give credit. :)


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