Hey guys, I came across this game and I thought it would be cool to play it with MDL crew :) To play, you have to say the last item is not an item, it’s an item similar to it. 

example: That’s not a penguin! that’s a bird! 

That’s not a bird! it’s an airplane! 

That’s not an airplane! it’s a helicopter!

 *I'll start *That’s not an ancient! it's a brick!


That's not a _____!

That's not a brick its a block

That's not a block, it's a cube!

That’s not a cube, it’s Rubik's toy.

That's not Rubik's toy, its world record.

That's not  world record, its  World Cup

That's not a world cup, its Asian games.

That's not best show, its tragedy.

That’s not a tragedy, it’s a Tong Hua novel.


Very interesting game, you have started there Lilly .

thank you <3

That’s not a Tong Hua novel, it’s a Wattpad.

That's not Wattpad, its Fanfiction.

That's not a Fanfiction, its real life.

That's not real life, but an illusion you are thinking of.

It’s not illusion, but you are dreaming of an illusion