This drama is one of the reasons I fell in love with Kdrama OSTs . The song "Echo"by Every Single Day is one song I can sing with ease .Plus the lyrics go very well with the show's theme

Anyone else who liked the OST on this drama?

yeah the music of the show is great! love the instrumental version of that one song that plays lol.

Yes, I love it for all the gorgeous, sensitive, and stirring instrumentals played throughout the serious scenes, of which there are so many. At the beginning, I was concerned that this would be another high school drama with the usual small set of reasons students had personal struggles. 

This story was way beyond what has become trite and far too predictable when we are introduced to high school kids. (It's not easy to believe that people are in HS when they look 'post college' much of the time.) People in HS ought to look and act more like the student in "Master Devil, Please do Not Kiss Me", most of whom were teens when the series was filmed.

The music was so appropriate to each scene that initially, I was unaware of it; yet, on realizing that I was hearing instruments rather that a song, I replayed the episode. Afterward, I tried to catch the music and found it constantly enhancing, rather than disturbing any interaction. It constantly supported the emotions of a given interaction instead of being an irritant as so many have been. 

I would love to purchase an album of the score as I have other dramas.  While this was not the huge themes of renowned composers like John Williams or AR Rahman, it was excellent and I would like to hear more from the person who created it. 

Thanks for your great question!

Thanks for the reply.I share the love for the instrumental music in this -you can also check out the music in the other shows made by the director-Esp.Pinochhio,Cheongdamdong Alice ,Gap Dong  and Thirty but Seventeen

There is one particular composer you should check out in Kdrama OSts -Oh Joon Sung who has scored shows like City Hunter,Hwarang,Cinderella and 4 Knights,The King's Face