I am enjoying this drama but I find it strange that other than the 2 main actor and actress, I can’t find the names of the other members of the cast, here on MDL or elsewhere. I wonder why. I’m particularly interested to know the name of the 2nd lead - he’s so cool in this drama!

I was wondering the same thing so I did some digging

Wo yao he ni zai yi qi                              (2019)                     

      Series       Cast         


           Biyun Chai                                         
           Ling Qi                                       unknown episodes                                  
           Taoran Shen                                       unknown episodes                                  
           Shaolong Sun                                       unknown episodes                                  
           Siwei Wan                                       unknown episodes                                  
           Yuanhui Wang

Thank you for the update!

I also got some more info of the supporting cast from the website: ChineseDrama.info

I havent been to that site before. 

Thanks I'll go and take a look