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Kind of a weird question. Also Safety Spoilers

Are there any 50 or 50+ episode dramas out there that don't look like they were filmed in a studio or like soap-opera/sitcom picture quality?

I know of Six Flying dragons and other historical dramas. But the ones that are set in modern times, the picture/studio quality bothers me. Especially when they film in a house setting, pretty obvious it's a studio and it really looks like a sitcom.

A few examples of what I'm talking about (regarding picture/studio quality) is Five Enough and My Daughter SeoYoung.

Here's an example of a great scene with LBY and LSY. 

Great scene between the two, BUT the picture quality and the setting bothers me, notice the house/living room looks like it's in a studio (check the lighting especially):



zeamays Volunteer Staff
Yoona's Street?  I can't remember that one looking particularly cheap/strangely lit/obviously on a set (even though I'm sure they are, but the quality is better).  I do know exactly what you're talking about, though.  I would guess that most, if not all, of the major networks' weekenders are going to be like the KBS dramas you listed above. 

I know I've seen 50+ episode dramas from both KBS and MBC, and they were all obviously sets in the indoor scenes like at home.  Not sure about SBS, but I wouldn't expect much better.  So try cable, I guess, and Yoona's Street is the only one I've watched, so I can't help you much beyond that :)
To Be A Better Man is filmed so well, and has a really great story.  Wish more people would give it a chance.