I really liked the episode where shes says, "Marry My husband" at the end of ep 2 and smiles ;)

“If you don’t go, it’ll remain a shameful past. But if you go and fix it, it’ll become your history!” – Hui Yeon

"Classy is timeless" .. Hee Yeon 

When Ji-won repeats the line, "I decided to fight. And I will win," while crying.  So so good! 

I don’t ever want to see you again.

"I hear aroused elks always appear during workshops. I finally get to see it!"
      -- Hui-yeon

I don’t watch TV. This is where I get my fix”- One of the coworkers on office scandal lol

"It's as if this Basque cheesecake is made with the fresh milk from a mountain goat in New Zealand that just gave birth."
   --Hee-Yeon-- episode 6

"What…? Misogyny? What does that even mean?"
(former) Manager Kim to Mr. Lee


"What's misogyny?"
(former) Manager Kim to Mr. Lee

lol yes this too ?

"Cough cough what a cough bastard cough" ehmm

Hee Yeon ep 10

"I want to be solid land." - Yu Ji Hyuk

"If it concerns Ji-won, it concerns me." served by Yu Ji Hyuk, along with a side of none of your damn business.

"Love pouring out frome his eyes" can no one see love pouring out of yu ji hyuk's eyes ???

"Those who are incompetent focus on the little thing they know, and make huge deal out of it" 

Ji Won. (Ep.2)