It's all over now!! At least our beloved couple are still together at the end! ?

Happy early Valentine's Day, all my fellow AobPuen fans! ?? As some of you may know, I try to take notes of what happens in the show because my memory is awful, and because they are my favorite couple, I've made sure to track their relationship closely. 

If any of you would find them useful, I put together the notes from eps 5 through 14, with timestamps, of their scenes together, as well as a few recent ones that give us plot info for them. For some reason, ep10 on kiss now cuts off before the end so I'm missing some timestamps. 


Aob Puen timeline

Ep5 -

16:06 Puen is now working for Playboyy?

18:02 Aob meets Puen in some odd location. Are you Puen? Yes. You're quite hot. LOL. Finish your break because someone wants you...and when you're done, come find me, I want to know why you're popular.

20:10 Aob tells Puen boss sent him to assess performance, so treat me like a client, so a massage? Puen takes his pants down, is looking down, Aob raises chin, instructs him to look at the client. Sir, is there anything you'd like me to concentrate on? My head. Every head. But Aob stops him, then takes control and asks for consent for everything, surprisingly, BUT they keep underwear on so again becomes silly. But still! They were in room VIP IV. After Aob gets kind of critical, he can improve everything. Says clients will get bored. Puen says fine, teach me, I want to be like you. Aw, Aob becomes a dick, you'll never be like me, loser.

38:00 At Playboyy, Aob and Puen are competing for clients on stage. See? When the clients get bored of you, you become obsolete, makes me look bad. Why are you criticizing me? People might think you're jealous of me. Puen is insolent. Jealous? Fuck you. Makes hand gesture like will give slap across face. The boss wants me to talk to you. Prom makes Aob Puen's mentor, ha ha. If you talk like that to me again, I'll kick your ass. Puen just gives him puppy dog eyes. Starts giving him lessons and advice. Massage. Just ask for more money if they want something you don't want to do, and then just suck it up. Puen looks like he's really enjoying himself. Treat your client well until the last minute. Aob blows him.

44:00 At Playboyy, Aob is smoking while draped over urinal?? Puen comes in to pee, asks if wants to eat chicken noodles with him. You're my mentor, we should be close. My job is to teach you, we don't need to be close outside of work. What happens in the room stays in the room. No feelings for clients. But you're not a client. Why you so cold? Why not have feelings? You're not my friend or my brother. You're a competitor.

Ep 6 -

00:54 Aob and Puen being filmed somewhere, stuff in English, "you take the bait, you get the bread." Naked sex on the bed.
Just at end of scene, we hear voiceover: "I love you, mentor." Then cuts to him and Aob in bathroom, Aob says to Nuth, sorry, he couldn't do it.
So it was Nuth making the video (how does he know these two? or does he?). Aob wants to be paid even though he didn't "deliver"? He said sorry, he couldn't do it. From the way Puen apologized to Nuth, maybe they don't know each other.

12:20 At Playboyy, Puen confronts Aob (in the bathroom, of course) (who had said he could do anything for money) about why he's been avoiding Puen. Why can't you have sex like a couple, which was what Nuth had asked/told them to do. You taught me how to feel so practice what you preach. I don't have any feelings for a kid like you. He can't do it because Puen isn't sexy enough - awwww! Puen says Fine! I'll be better than you someday! Aob leaves room, looks unhappy, then starts crying.

Ep 7 -

2:51 Aob and Puen on "stage" at Playboyy competing, Puen seems to do pretty well.

30:14 Aob and Puen have 3some with client. Seemed like Aob was more into Puen than client, even pushing him away. Later it seems this gets Aob in trouble with the boss, and now Puen is taking his place as the top guy at Playboyy? Puen acts all smug, gives Aob a peck on the lips before he walks away.

Ep 8 -

34:41 At the club, Puen is getting more clients than Aob these days. Prom compliments Aob on having trained Puen well, he's now the most requested. His nickname is Big Gun. Prom asks if Aob is jealous. Jealous my ass! I don't have feelings for him. That wasn't the question. Puen shows up, wiping mouth, and tells Prom that the client wants a second round and is requesting the four-hand service with Aob as well. Aob says he just finished another job, won't take this one. Puen reminds him that he told him we can't choose our clients. Aob just glares at him. Puen taunts him, You're not being very professional...Mentor. Aob looks away, Prom looks like he's trying not to laugh. Puen makes a kissy face at Aob before he turns and walks away. Aob stares at him walking away and sighs.

37:58 In scene interspersed with Jump/Porsche, Puen is massaging/servicing swim goggles guy (!) at the club. Porsche and Aob's thoughts are intertwined. Aob is watching Puen with client: It's so fucking awful especially when you know in your heart that you are powerless. Because he isn't your boyfriend. The more you want to know, the more painful it gets. Aob turns and leaves after we see Puen's ass in those undies!

44:43 At club, Aob is smoking at the bottom of the stairs when Puen comes around the corner. They are both in their street clothes, like getting off work. Aob stops Puen by saying Hey. Puen's response: How are you going to haze me today? Aob: No. You must be tired. How many times? Puen: I stopped counting. That's because you didn't take the job. So I had to take care of all the VIPs. But sometimes I had to pretend to finish like you taught me to. Aob smiles at him, comes up behind him, puts his arms around his waist, and asks if he wants to get chicken noodles! I'll pay to make up for making you work extra hours. Puen doesn't reply but we can see small smile on his face. Aob acts all cutesy and tries to kiss his neck or cheek but is slightly too short so jumps on Puen's back and they leave that way down the stairs.

ep9 -

4:46 Eating chicken noodles! Talking about when Aob started working. He said 18, now he's 34. Shia! 16 years. Grew up poor, had to provide for himself. I've done everything but once I gave this a try, I started liking it. Asks why Puen working at Playboyy. I'm like you, working to provide for myself. But not in it for the long run, want to be a pro athlete after graduating (so still in school), follow his dreams. It's getting late, Puen asks back to his place. Want to drink? Starts caressing crotch. cuts away.

8:45 At Puen's place. Aob seems drunk, confesses to having had a sugar daddy, but he was so jealous that if Aob just looked at a guy on the street, that guy got beaten up. So I couldn't have a crush on anyone. That sucks, so that's why you can't show your emotions? Aob nods. I really loved him but he got sick of me one day. He told me to work at Playboyy. Man got a new sugar baby, Aob was heartbroken. Now I'm old, it's too late to be in love. Puen: I'll just be blunt: you couldn't have boyfriend sex with me because you like me, right? Then I"ll be blunt too, you're flirting with me and trying to make me jealous because you like me, right? Yes, because you took my virginity. They begin kissing - on the lips! Then move to the bed, start to have sex, presumably, but still clothed.

Aob meets up with Teena and Jump wearing the same clothes as day before - walk of shame! Are you in love? Teena guesses well! Jump says how can he be in love, he's always working...unless it's with Big Gun -! They tease him, he leaves w/o saying a word.

36:04 Sexy sex! Puen licks/sucks fingers. 38:30, that is some realistic sex! Puen leaves room, Aob finds Keen's shirt. Goes through Puen's phone, finds messages from Keen about having a hot time, will it be easier for me to make the team if I meet you? Puen returns: You're mean, why did you make me shower alone? Love declaration.

Poetic quotes: I crave the taste of your lips, your voice, and your hair. When I walk on the street, it's silent. I'm craving. Food does not give me energy. I crave you even more in the morning. I want to eat you up. You're like a smooth almond.

54:00 Aob is crying and Puen is there? At club like in the hallway/stairs area. Why? WHY?? Why did you lie to me? Puen tries to speak, Aob stops him. You said you were going to be with me. You lied, Puen. I just have sex with him but I like you. Why did you lie to me? Seems like that hurts the most, not the sex. He lets Puen hold him.

Ep10 -

5:46 We see Puen waiting in Playboyy hallway with food for Aob, who initially takes it...only to throw it away. Puen looks sad.

29:56 At Playboyy, see First and Puen. First is offering Puen a massage. When Puen doesn't respond, First asks why. Puen says it's weird. I've never had a client I've known before. Are you Captain's friend? I've seen you before. Speak to me properly. Puen apologizes, calls him Sir. Are you top or bottom? I can do both if you pay me well. How about 10,000 per hour? Agrees, First says just do what I ask. First grabs lube, starts fingering Puen roughly but then starts lubing up fist, asking Do you want to continue? I'll pay you 12,000. Puen remembers what Aob told him: you can decline clients...but you might miss the bonus. When they ask for something you don't want to do, ask for more money. Puen nods at First. It begins.

31:54 Cut to afterwards. Aob comes into room, finds towel with blood on it. Puen comes back into room from bathroom? Also we see shelves with folded towels, candle, and probably massage oil. Puen is wearing thin robe hanging open. SO SEXY. Aob asks angrily, Who did this to you? Puen doesn't reply. Aob asks again. A client. How does that involve you? You hate me, don't you? This is a serious matter! What's his name? What does he look like? Tell Prom not to let him in again. Don't. I'll take my own clients. You taught me to ask for more money if they want to do something I don't. I made tens of thousands. Are you trying to piss me off? I don't care about you. The world revolves around the sun, not you. Are we going to be like this, Puen? You were guilty for lying to me. Did you ask me? Did you let me explain? You really took my virginity. I only gave Coach a blowjob. Okay? You got so mad and threw a tantrum even though I did nothing wrong. What more do you want from me? Aob says nothing. Puen walks around him and away as if in pain.

Can't find timestamps for rest of ep10:

Captain goes to locker room/gym? Gets baseball bat, confronts Puen. I didn't like you, but I didn't think I would hate you. When did he not like him?? Your clothes look fancier but they don't make you look better (literally wearing a white tank and camo cargo pants!). Did a client get them for you? Or did you get them by whoring yourself? I'm just making a living. Why are you looking down on my job? I'm not, I'm looking down on you. You whored yourself to make it on the team, asshole. You also recorded him. You're worse than I am! Leave him alone. I only fucked him when I first joined. We didn't hook up after. I don't care. If you don't want the whole university to find out, don't let me catch you with him again. I'm warning you because I'm kind.

Nont goes back to Harvey Hotel and tries to convince Auntie to show him the CCTV footages from June 11. She says nothing, leaves. Right after, Aob appears, looking FINE, Auntie tells him that someone just came by asking about the footage from June when you brought a whole group of people here - so he's the one who organized the sex party? Did you act innocent like I told you to? Good, cuz if you talk - puts down gun - this thing will talk too. Demands keys to a room.

Text from First in English: Room 503? Reply from Oby Woodsum: Yup. Come in. Scene cuts to First kneeling on bed with rope on and pillowcase over head. Aob pulls off pillowcase, takes his jacket off, and steps onto bed so his crotch is in front of First's face. Undoes his pants so First can blow him. Uses English with First, telling him to suck it. Pushes First down, slaps ass, starts biting nipple, First objects. Go easy man! I never do anything easy. I do it rough. Takes First by the throat, starts hitting his face. After the third or fourth hit, First says Red light. Shut the fuck up. Keeps hitting and telling him to shut up. Who the fuck are you? Aob gets gun out, points at temple. It doesn't matter. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And...don't go back to Playboyy. Or else it won't be my fist that pierces. It will be a bullet. Puts gun at crotch, mimes it going off, puts barrel in First's mouth.

Ep11 -

20:11 Tub scene with AobPuen but omg, why is Puen sitting with his legs OUT of the tub?? Aob is sitting on side, shampooing hair. You don't have to wash my hair, I don't want to be a burden. The doc said you can't get your wound wet. But don't worry, I do this for clients a lot. If you just said you wanted to do this for me, it would've been very cute. We have to take care of each other. Don't accept any clients at the moment. Otherwise it'll get worse. This sucks. I got abused but I can't tell the boss because if I go to police the boss will get in trouble? The guy gets away with it. According to the law, people like us don't even exist. Who's going to take care of us? Me, at least I will. Then ever since you got wounded, have you ejaculated? Doc said I can't get my wound wet. So don't get it wet. Come, I'll take care of you.  Draws him by the chin to kiss while reaching down.  They jerk each other off. Now I understand why the clients call you Big Gun. More kissing at 23 mins.

44:42 At Playboyy, boys are approached by Aob and Puen. Damn! Aob kicks and punches First! Z intervenes, Aob says First got him and Puen fired after all. Meanwhile Captain and Puen get into it, Captain accuses Puen of sending Keen's video, Puen says he didn't do it, has been in bed for days because of injury. You messed with my man first, my ass! Asshole! Soong pulls Aob off First. Then Prom arrives. Soong is pissed at Aob. First promised he wouldn't have you fired! Then Z asks Captain if he told First to hurt people - ? Prom says if you're gonna do anything, do it quick because Lee is coming. Prom tells Aob and Puen that First didn't get them fired, the boss fired them (meaning him? Lee?). Prom hands some keys to Nont. Prom, Aob and Puen all leave boys alone.

Ep 12 -

33:42 At Aob's place, he takes care of Puen's wounds. If I were to have a boyfriend, he'd be someone like you.  That's why I don't want a boyfriend.  Look at you. How many times have I taken care of you? You're always in trouble. He came at me first. I didn't want to be in trouble. I got expelled in the end. Please bear with me a while longer. I'll move out as soon as I find a place to stay. You can stay as long as you want. Do you think you can be with me? Let me warn you that being with me is dangerous. How? You sound like you're a hitman or mafia's right hand man. If you live with me, you'll run out of bullets. DAMN! They kiss passionately but then Aob says he's hungry so go get him some chicken noodles.  You can't live rent free. Go.  Aob watches him go, walks through beaded curtain to get out of bedroom.

38:40 See Aob waiting somewhere with arches. Pulls gun...on Puen! Why did you follow me? So, this is your dangerous life? What are you doing here? This isn't the time, leave! I won't! I deserve to know what you are and what you do. You said you were going out to eat but you're going to kill someone? Aob pulls trigger, gun isn't loaded? Or was sound Nont's gun being cocked? He's come up behind Aob. Aob thinks it's Jump. Stop talking. Ah! Captain comes up behind Puen and hits him with a pipe!! All goes black. Now Aob is tied to a chair, let me go! Nont tells him to be quiet. Okay, Nont and Captain are working together?? Puen is tied to concrete pillar, Captain throws water on him to revive. Nont accuesed Aob of killing brother so why wasn't he surprised to see Nont at Playboyy? I don't remember the names of all I've killed. Aob yells to let Puen go, he's not involved. Nont says he must love him. When Aob got hurt during his freakout, Puen was so worried. Why did Lee have you kill my brother? If you don't tell me, Puen will die. Captain has knife to throat. Nont walks away. Captain hits Puen. Captain taunts by saying Puen is being beaten up in front of Aob and he doesn't come to help (Aob's tied up and already said to let him go), you think he'll love you and take care of you? I don't know anything. I don't love him! Puen looks sad. Nont just laughs. Then find someone who knows. Takes Aob's phone for face recognition. Dials someone. They have a bucket of water and we're supposed to believe that little Captain can hold Puen's head in it? LOL, come on! Okay, fine! Someone answers phone. Scene cuts!

Ep13 -

15:48 Cut to Puen and Aob at Aob's place. Aob confesses that sugar daddy is now boss, apologizes, you got in trouble because of me. I almost died for love. What? Did I mishear you? I failed to do my job. The boss will kill me. You still want to love me? Yeah. I'm in love with you. You are difficult to love, so I'm giving it a shot. You deserve to be loved, Aob. AWWWWW. We understand each other so well. AWWWW. Fighting this alone is tiring, but I am like a bonus. You're good with words. What about you? Are you good? Seem to be holding hands, awww! Start kissing, pawing each other. Aob asks, Does it hurt? Puen doesn't answer, go back to kissing, undoing flies while kissing. DAMN. Aob straddles Puen - yum!!

33:34 Cut to Puen and Aob on a mattress in the laundry room?? What now? Will you work at another lounge? The boss knows them all, you'll die the first day you start working anywhere. Shia. So we're back to being roadside prostitutes? BACK? Too risky, let's do something else. What else? I only know sports. What about you? Massaging, working out, and fucking. LOVE IT! I also make my own chicken breast smoothie - !!!  There you go! What? Chicken breast. Come on, I can't beat convenience stores and big companies. You should give it a shot. We can't run away forever. Then Puen runs hand up bare leg to crotch. What's the matter with you? Chicken breast helps you work out better. Kiss. Do you want to see how good your chicken breast is? Kissing. Move onto mattress, scene blurs.

Ep14 -

8:57 Cut to our boys in basement! Nighttime on mattress. Puen asks How were the sales today? Look at me, Aob fakes crying. You're crying because everything was sold out? Puen jokes.  I sold one bottle, asshole! LOL! The customer also grabbed my butt. LOL!! First was going to come and buy everything again but Soong stopped him. Puen straddles Aob, who is lying on stomach. Soong resigned from working for Lee. Puen begins massaging. They must be trying to save up (isn't First still rich?). Mm. First has made amends by helping us invest in the business. He can't help us by buying every day. Are we going to make it? I don't know. I thought things would be better after the election (? and how long have they been in basement?). How could things be better? No one is solving the root of the problem (how deep!).

Woooow! That's a lot of work, but I love it!!!!  

It really wasn't! I just had to go through to get the timestamps but I already had the comments. Anyway, it was worth it!

Our first discussion!!! ❤️ ....and with my favorite couple.  I hope they get a happy ending. 

Thank you. 

I wanted to do something nice for the AobPuen fans...since we have the best taste. ?? Of course, now with the new V-Day pics, no one can concentrate on anything but the heat this show brings! (damn, I wanted the pic to show, not the link)

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Hee! Sure, I'd thought about adding it to the original post and adjusting the title to "Timeline and fanfic link," or maybe posting the story link in its own discussion. 

I am literally in the midst of working on the final chapter (still! I know, I know, it just keeps getting longer) so I *hope* to have it done not long after the series ends (hoping for some more lines/scenarios from the last ep I can work in!). ?

Thank you =) Now rewatching our beloved PuenAob <3 will be easier =D  

Exactly!! I wanted to do something to help my fellow AobPuen shippers. <3 <3

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Exactly!! I wanted to do something to help my fellow AobPuen shippers. <3 <3

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