Don't know why anyone didn't mention Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo...

You should seriously watch Too Late To Say I Love You. It's reminds me of Cruel Romance and you end up really interested in the characters. It's also very visually stunning so you could really enjoy watching it.

Second sound of the desert.  I also heard that Eternal Love is similar to what you're talking about.  

And haha, I've watched 2 Lakorns and one started off with the girl being sold to the male lead purposes.  And the other was a remake of a kdrama sooo...toned down the crazy a little bit.

@Soju - ... It looks like you are looking for MILDLY possessive ...  

So I recommend you STAY AWAY from:
- Sealed w/ a Kiss
- Le Jun Kai --- Intense and abusive
- Sawan Biang -- most intense and shocking
- Sanaeha Sunya Kaen --- intense and not very logical
- Roy Leh Sanae Rai
- and most other Lakorn Slap/Kiss ....

you may like Kleun Cheewit, it is not too harsh.

You are safer w/ K-drama and J-drama versions .... most C-dramas ....
but BEWARE of most lakorns, too harsh for your taste.... except newer ones from last 2-3 years, they mellowed out quite a bit, and most leads are not too bad.

I agree with you on most of these dramas. However Roy Leh Sanae Rai isn’t really that intense. (Except for the constant missunderstanding between main leads. And the over the top craziness by most of the supporting actors his aunt & her niece and also the go go dancers that work for him.) But it’s difficult at first to understand ( I had to rewatch a couple of times) to figure out that the main female lead actually loved him the whole time. And everything she did after the wedding was to get attention from him because she still loved him. I only understood that when I rewatched and listened carefully to how her BFF said that ”when she truly hates someone she never even goes near them”. So actually her messing with him constantly just proved how much she just wanted a reason to be near him. And yeah I agree it’s hella confusing (at 1:st watch) when she constantly says negative things about him yet she still wanted him the whole time. It’s like it was a game for her and she was enjoying him chasing her over and over again. (Right up until she was tricked into believing that he’d cheated on her with his aunt’s niece). Maybe she wanted him to prove over and over again how much he also cared and loved her after the big betrayal with the wedding and all?  Even her mom, her guy friend and other peepz didn’t understand either until the very end how much she was in love with him. And that’s why she was always fighting with him because she was hurt but still wanted to be around him. I was thinking why did she not just stay clear of him, keep on ignoring him until he lost all hope and willingly signed the divorce papers? Also take him to court and refuse to go to his house instead of using the excuse ”oh I’ll just move in to his house so he can divorce me quicker” Also why go mess with his place of business and all that craziness that followed there. When all she only needed to do was just make a simple police report of fraud and deceit. Their relationship was toxic, filled with many confusions,  a main lead who constantly hid her feelings and easily believed lies told by her enemies. Even if I never condone rape and I always find it repulsing I sort of did understand why the main guy lead got frustrated with her to that point of thinking to do that. She was hella confusing, loving him so much in her heart but says over and over again that she hates him. Says she wants nothing to do with him yet constantly goes to his place of business and house just to mess with him. This drama is not as abusive when you figure out that the female lead is being just as obsessive, abusive and controlling as the male lead but in other ways than him. I wanted to hate it at first just like I hate Sawang Biang, Sanaeha Sunya Kaen and similar lakorns were those male leads just resort to rape straight off the bat. Those seem way too unlogical and very difficult to understand that logic. But with this drama I’m still hella confused if she actually did want to sleep with him (just like how she loved him secretly)? But she was too ashamed to admit her true feelings or she’s afraid of being betrayed yet again. And maybe she was also thinking about story her mom told her about her dad being betrayed and died?  Whatever reason she had to be such a hella confusing person I can’t understand her logics. I do symphatize with the male lead, he maid a big mistake but he apologized, explained himself and also tried like a 100 times to correct his previous error. But I still don’t like he forced sex upon her even if she might have secretly wanted to be close to him or not. He should’ve never ever forced her into something as major as that. Even if the forced hugs and kisses bothered me at times the rape was the worst part of the drama. The male lead was great in this drama, of his few other dramas I’ve seen, this one was by far the very best and felt like most emotions portrayed. I really liked him in this drama as I could (almost feel through the screen) regret of his actions and the frustration he felt when she acted like she could never ever forgive him. Or atleast admit openly that she’d was not that angry really and not continue arguing with him constantly. The drama had so much potential and wud’ve been better if she’d just showed a bit more of true feelings in her heart. And maybe instead be more of hot & cold along with the twist and turns of the plot. Not act all cold the whole time, then turning deceitful herself by acting as if she could’’ve cared less. When in fact she actually loved him almost to the extreme but never admitted until the very end. But this is a lakorn unfortunately and they are known for having leads that hide their emotions so as to create more drama/ confusion in the lakorn. And lets not forget the ”it’s shameful for women to show they want/ need sex or intimacy even within a legal marriage”. ”Due to our ”culture” we need to write it so that the woman is forcibly raped to maintain their piety/ innocence and feminity while having ”sex”.”


Second sound of the desert.  I also heard that Eternal Love is similar to what you're talking about.  

And haha, I've watched 2 Lakorns and one started off with the girl being sold to the male lead purposes.  And the other was a remake of a kdrama sooo...toned down the crazy a little bit.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched The sound of the desert. It’s hands down the best male lead ever in asian drama, when it comes to the guy knowing what he wants and then go all in for it. And it’s so refreshing to see how completly sure he’s of his feelings for the female lead. This one is the best C-drama ever (minus those weird poison and potion parts). And best thing about it is absolutly no rape in it whatsoever.

P.s. the lakorn with sold for ”baby purposes” plot is that Leh Ratree (the newest version of it)? If so that one is really awesome (of course minus the constant fake rape threats in the beginning). I usually don’t like either of those 2 main actors. But the two leads really rocked that lakorn. It was so good it made forget how much I dislike both main leads. Especially the female lead Esther or whatever her name is. 

Does anyone know where I can watch “Sealed with a kiss” 

I’ve only gotten up to episode 4 and I’ve checked YouTube,dailymotion,kissasian and other sites.

So Wa, I agreed with your assessment of the hero in Sound of Desert.  He is one of my very small pool of favorite heroes in drama land. I like the fact that he loves the FL but he does not do foolish things just for the sake of love. I hate it when the ML forsakes the lives of others for the sake of the FL like in Too late to say I Love You. (I can't get over the fact that the ML in that drama LEFT his troops in the MIDDLE of a war to drink and dance with the FL. WTF?? That is not love. That is just idiotic!) ML that does that are weak in my eyes and I hate alpha males that are so emotionally weak that they cannot function.


  • Meteor Garden
  • summer's desire (2018)
  • Refresh Man (maybe)

I'm not sure if any one mentioned these but-

1. Too Late To Say I Love You

2. Siege In Fog

3. Lady & Liar

4. Cruel Romance

Devil beside you Taiwan drama

Flipped chinese deama