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Peach blossoms reflect the official micro-level of the country
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#peach blossoms reflect the country's power # # peach blossoms reflect the country#

The country is still in the wild, and the peach blossoms are intoxicating.
Emotional and emotional, I was shocked to find that I had entered the game.

Starring:@Mr_ Liu Xueyi @Meng Zi Yi
Special Starring:@Gao Han @Liu Lingzi__
Starring:@Bian Cheng @Fan JingwenL
Friendship Starring: @Zhao Shunran @Dys daisy
Friendship starring: @Wang Yijin @Yi Yunhe @Wang_Weihua
Guest starring: @Huang Mengying maggie @Actor Zhang Lei
Starring: @Wang Jiaxuan@Actor Xu Jingya @-Qi Peixin- @Zhu Jian Ryuuji @Shao Weitong @Wang Yajia Iris @Yuchen 27y @Li Fangshuo
Chief Producer: Huang Jie, Wu Xiaozhen
, Producer: Chen Lei, Wu Xueying, Su Min
Director : Yi Jun
, Screenwriter: Suni
, Styling Director: Li Meng
, Comb Direction: Wang Han
Art Director: Shen

Adapted from @Jian Jia Cang Cang丶egrets in pairs, produced by @Tencent Video, co-produced by @Galaxy Cool Entertainment Media Sheng Qin Culture, and produced by @Galaxy Cool Entertainment Media, so stay tuned!Web Links 


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The cast list:
Gao Han as Mu Wuyin (Prince Jing)
Liu Lingzi as Meng Zhenzhen
Bian Cheng as Mu Wuxia (Prince Nan)
Fan Jingwen as Xiang Qingying
Wang Jiaxuan as Zhan Lu
Xu Jingya as Qing Mo
Qi Peixin as Jiang Changjue

Friendly appearance:
Dai Si
Zhao Shunran as Qian Mochen
Wang Yijin
Yi Yunhe as Mu Wuhen (Prince Yu)
Wang Weihua

Huang Mengying
Zhang Lei as Qi Wang (King Qi)
Zhu Jian as Mu Wugou (Crown Prince)
Shao Weitong as Meng Huaijin
Wang Yajia
Yu Chen
Li Fangshuo

Some are still unknown and there are characters don't exist in the novel 🙄 I need Xu Yangui and Qian Baimei!

Old Mo come peixe 

5-2 08:53

"Peach Blossoms" 5.20 start-up 
Director: Yi Jun 
Screenwriter: Pei Yufei 
Sofa: Wang Han 
Cast: Meng Ziyi, Liu Xueyi 
Second wife: Liu Lingzi 
Second male: Gao Han

Vermilion Temple
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🍉 Tencent's costume drama "Peach Blossoms Fold the Country"
is adapted from the novel of the same name by Egret Chengshuang
Starring: Liu Xueyi, Meng Ziyi, Liu Lingzi
Screenwriter: Pei Yufei (Long Song Xing)
Director: Yi Jun (Charming Borderless)
Comb: Wang Han (Menghualu)
Hengdian started shooting in mid-May, and the filming period was 110 days. 

Lin Canhui 168
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After months of intense preparations, the TV series "Peach Blossom Fold the Country", which has always had a high degree of attention and popularity, is finally going to start filming in May after it is determined that Liu Xueyi will play the male lead, and Meng Ziyi and Liu Lingzi will lead the female lead group!
The TV series "Peach Blossom Fold the Country", adapted from the novel of the same name by Egret Chengshuang, is based on the love of the male and female protagonists, and tells the story of the princess in distress who was forced to marry the "traitorous prime minister" for the country , but in the process of getting along, they discovered the other side of each other, and in the end, after a series of entanglements, the two worked together to fight for the people of the world.
The whole drama not only has the "abuse" under the seemingly unequal identity, but also the "sweetness" after understanding each other's intentions, and it also integrates elements such as court and war, which makes the entire main side story more reversed and exciting.
And the starring combination of Liu Xueyi, Meng Ziyi and Liu Lingzi will obviously be one of the biggest highlights and selling points of the whole drama in addition to the plot.
First of all, Liu Xueyi, who is expected to play the male lead, as the best actor in the same period, Liu Xueyi has a very handsome and outstanding appearance, and the costume style is also enough to stand out. After years of precipitation and polishing, his personal acting skills have become very proficient and delicate, whether it is Gao Leng Tianjun in the fairy puppet drama, or the Confucian scholar in the costume drama, Liu Xueyi can control it perfectly.
After "Changfeng Crossing" and "Flower Order", this time playing a role similar to "Quanchen" again, it is obviously a very easy thing for Liu Xueyi. After all, when his costume style is still outstanding, his acting skills are more solid, and his grasp of the role is more accurate, Liu Xueyi's performance is bound to be more perfect and exciting.
Then there are the two heroines, Meng Ziyi and Liu Lingzi, both of whom are recognized as beauties in ancient costumes, with very sweet and outstanding appearance, but also good acting skills. After the former Meng Ziyi reversed the popularity of passers-by in variety shows in one fell swoop, he also opened a new chapter in his acting career, and his performance in dramas such as "Anecdotes of Flower Glass" and "Who is the Hero" left a deep impression on the audience, and he is a new generation of costume goddesses.
The latter, Liu Lingzi, is also a small flower with a very rapid upward momentum in the past two years, especially after showing a very high degree of costume control and character control in "Qingqing's Daily", she has gained the love and recognition of countless audiences. This time, if he can join forces with Liu Xueyi and Meng Ziyi to star in "Peach Blossoms Folding the Country", it will be another opportunity for Liu Lingzi to take off.
There is no doubt that with the strength and popularity of Liu Xueyi and Meng Ziyi, coupled with Liu Lingzi's help, "Peach Blossoms Fold" undoubtedly has a high competitiveness in the theme of ancient costumes. After all, these three people are absolutely beautiful men and women in ancient style, and their acting skills are beyond doubt, coupled with the wonderful plot background, it has already made the whole show have the attributes of becoming a dark horse hit.
And once the series succeeds in the follow-up, Liu Xueyi, who plays the role of the minister again, may be able to further exert his character-shaping ability and bring his popularity and popularity to a new peak. Meng Ziyi and Liu Lingzi are expected to gain more popularity with their excellent personalities and lay a more solid foundation for subsequent development.

The Arabic language is like a dream
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[Lalang] Pseudo Peach Blossom Fold Jiangshan|Original Xiang|Shen Zaiye X Jiang Peach Blossom
Eat 🍉 Don't Believe,Everything 🍉 is subject to the official announcement,This video is just a test of the adaptability of the original novel after watching the original novel.[shy click]Try to restore some scenes in the book, if you haven't read the novel, you may not understand it[Dirt]

Liu Xueyi as Shen Zaiye,
Meng Ziyi as Jiang Taohua
(ranked by pinyin) A Weibo video of Arabic language floating like a dream
Drama launch banquet, on 05/19/2024
Today's Boot Location-05/20/2024

Today's Boot Location-05/20/2024- video 2

Today's Boot Location-05/20/2024- video 2

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Liu Xueyi Meng Ziyi's "Peach Blossoms Folded Rivers and Mountains" boot Reuters collection

Banxia Ruomeng 7
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Mencius Yi and Liu Xue Yi , peach blossom fold the country and the mountain dismantling machine red envelope Reuters #Liu Xue Yi and Mencius Yi peach blossoms fold the country and the mountain #

Entertain you non-stop
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Meng Ziyi and Liu Xueyi's new drama love and kill each other This casting is really good # Meng Ziyi #Liu Xueyi # peach blossom fold country.
Officially opening the camera. Taking off the red cloth.

Mr Liu Xueyi
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peach blossom Reflecting Jiangshan Shuai#

In a besieged city, plan and move! Hello, Shen Zaiye. #peach blossom Reflecting Jiangshan #

Meng Zi Yi
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#Peach blossom shadow Jiangshan ruthless#

A princess on the run, survive against adversity! Hello, Ginger Peach! #Peach Blossom Shadow Country#