Hey folks. I'm a huge fan of soundtracks and I thought it'd be cool to create some space on here to rant and rave about our favorite OSTs. 

Want to join? Introduce yourself! What's your top three soundtracks, and what do you love about each? 

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xMoonBlossom Sooyaa 

I'm a big fan of soundtracks! Be it from anime, J-dorama, Kdramas and even Cdramas! I tend to change my favourites from time to time according to my moods, and also from the drama I'm currently enjoying/ had enjoyed/ maybe have enjoyed :D

Currently, my top three are these:

"Gu Zhu" by Tan Weiwei
"Feng Xi" by Hu Yanbin and Ye Xuanqing
"Nian Siyu" by Ju Jingyi and Zeng Shunxi 

As you can see, the first two are from Who Rules the World cdrama ( ˊᵕˋ )♡  I have a sense of attachment over dramas which I've enjoyed, so it'll take a while for me to let go of it completely. Nowadays, I've been listening to more cdrama OSTs as their music is more nuanced, especially when it comes to historical dramas. Chinese songs tend to incorporate traditional musical instruments and/or Peking opera in them (sometimes, not all).

I can rave alot more about OSTs, but I'd like to get this one (and only) rant out of my chest first.  I've watched The Tale of Nokdu and had gotten annoyed at this particular song chosen as one of its soundtracks. It's a very cheerful tune and if it's for a modern romance, I wouldn't have minded it. But the drama is a sageuk and I feel the song is just out of place lol!

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Another huge Soundtracks fan here! Nice to know there's a club for it :)

I have a huge collection from a mix of anime, visual novels, K-dramas, J-dramas, C-dramas,  TW dramas and a few from Thai dramas. Memorable tracks get added into my playlist so I'm pretty selective. I love the sentimental attachments I get from them as well as a sense of nostalgia from the older tracks from dramas I watched years ago. 

Current favourites:

周深 Charlie - My Only - (Reset)

IU ( 아이유 ) - Wind Flower - (Queen Seon Duk)

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 awkward potato:
The Tale of Nokdu and had gotten annoyed at this particular song chosen as one of its soundtracks.

lol that's fair! I sometimes feel like saeguks have a weird vibe when they mix in modern props or architecture into saeguk settings. haha when I hear like electric guitar in a costume drama I'm usually like "oh... okay" hahaha I think it bothers me less now, but it can def be odd. I think the only exception is the anime Samurai Champloo which somehow managed to make a modern soundtrack work in a historical setting. Hmm and maybe Sakuran (the movie). It could be it worked with these titles because they had such an alternative feeling to the stories not sure. 

Maybe someone who's creative enough can create a banner to add on to our profiles as a way to promote the club :)

Usually Rien makes badges, but I'm not sure how  busy Rien is so I usually wait until Rien picks these things up. I can ask though just so it's on Rien's radar.

Can we like... extend it to Top 5? coz apparently I cannot Top 3 xD Like y'all I'm a sucker for themes or music in general so I'm also making lists for them!

Here's for Japan & Korea. I'll probably make for Philippines next. Most of these are my faves while few are just fitting to the scene or intro/outro but not really my jam. Some titles from SK I didn't log in but I've seen them locally back then or stumbled upon on YT so somehow I'm familiar with their soundtracks.



If I will have to pick (by country), I choose:

"Musubizama" by Indigo la End [I Don't Love You Yet] 

"Lalala Love Song" by Toshinobu Kubota [Long Vacation] 

"Picture" by Gigi Giraffe [Meikenchiku de Chushoku wo] 

or the classics "Planetarium" from HYD or "Shiosai no Memory" from Amachan - this one I like the cover more by Goose House

For SK, I'll go for:

"Satellite" by Saltnpaper [Chicago Typewriter] - haven't watched the drama yet but I saw the MV and I was like damn this is it

"White Love Story" by As One [Coffee Prince] 

"It Has To Be You" by About [SKY Castle] 

"Just Waiting" by Melo Breeze [Smile Honey] 

"Come & Goes" by Hyukoh [Tourist] 

I prefer catchy, chill, or feel good background but of course, if the scene calls for slow, sentimental vibe, I'll go with it. What matters is the feels. 

As for movies, it's another story...

Samurai Champloo got the best soundtracks! I posted about it before ~ https://mydramalist.com/profile/malvaceae/feeds/jovR2sj

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Made 6 Elongated Hexagon Badges so far,

These look awesome Rien! Thank you so much for your hard work ^_^


These look awesome Rien! Thank you so much for your hard work ^_^ 

No problem, I will make more after finding some nice high resolution images, will also try out the rest of the images you send.

Hi, I have a list of 99%  soundtracks that I listen to more or less 90% of the time that  I am not watching stuff or sleeping. 

Top 3...  This is hard... So hard... 

Nevertheless - Butterfly  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GktKZLuJq4 but all of that drama has a great soundtrack 

This one is just one of those songs that makes you happy... 

Someday or One day - Come Away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs1rjw3jar4 but all of it is good and Shi Shi  is probably my favourite soundtrack singer as  she also has a great son in Rainless Love in a Godless Land. 

Shi Shis voice and use of instruments is the type that awakens feelings and makes you remember both the drama and can  probably make me cry just listening to it. 

Abyss - Fallin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U7BdnI-KFE  this one is just mellow, sweet and easy to listen to. as well as relatable I guess. 

Oh gosh how can anyone just pick 3? Just kidding because I can definitely say my favorite k-soundtrack of all time would probably be Strangers From Hell with Ruin by Issac Hong being my favorite out of the list. His voice and the melody is just haunting. The whole soundtrack just fits so well. They did a great job in picking the music 

My favorite C-soundtrack would be The Untamed hands down. This time I don't think I can pick a actual favorite because no matter what song is playing, I go into fangirl mode. Lol cheesy I know.

Third and final would be Nana OST. Hito Iro and Glamerous Sky always fight for being my favorite. I've been obsessed with everything Nana since I learned about it as a kid. I had got one of those magazines that had the stories in there and they had the first bit of Nana in it and I just fell in love.

Don't get me wrong, I love a lot more soundtracks lol I want to list them all. But alas, can only give 3. ??

Hello! I would love to join this club. ^^

 I love music. That's why I'm very easily enthralled by Soundtracks/Osts :)

Picking top 3 is really hard but for now they're -

1. Day & Night by Jung Seung Hwan (Start - Up)

I've not even watched Start- Up but I really really love this song. This was my 2021 top song. I find it very comforting and personal to me, gives melancholy and hopeful vibes at the same time. I'd say this is one of my comfort songs.

2. Till The End Of Time by The Black Skirts (Another Miss Oh)

Because of The Black Skirts obviously :) it gives that deep sense of love and loss.

3. Someday Or One Day by Shi Shi 

I watched the drama just a couple of days ago. This song is the best thing about the drama for me along with Wu Bai's Last Dance and Greg Han hehe. I think it's beautiful :)


Sometimes songs keep stuck in your head, recently for me it was (hard to name just 3 though !) :

- Red light - J.Don (Tomorrow)

- Shine your blue - Kriz (DP)

- Last dance - Wu Bai (Someday or one day)

I also enjoyed both seasons of Hospital Playlist OST

Listening to OST has lead me to listen to south korean music at large, and to discover indie k-pop artists : recommandations welcome !

Happy to join in !

I would like to join :) I'm a soundtrack lover as well!

Top 3 Soundtracks (in no particular order)

  • It's Okay to Not Be Okay
  • Goblin
  • Until We Meet Again 

Goblin - every song I heard from Goblin was memorable for me. I was a huge fan of the intro song so I never skipped through the beginning of any of the episodes lol.

Until We Meet Again - this soundtrack caused me trauma LMAO but in a good way??? It was perfectly done especially in the Korn and Intouch scenes. They are the reason it's traumatic for me because any time I listen to this soundtrack I'm reminded of their scenes and I start tearing up. I can only listen to this if I want a good cry.

It's Okay to Not Be Okay - really loved the overall feeling of this soundtrack. My top favorite song is definitely Wake Up, I had it on repeat for a month after finishing this drama.

Oh yes I love "Wake up", perfect theme to go to work !