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Don't think it's a good idea if you haven't watch this episode and should come to see this discussion since it will have spoilers. 
This episode is the funniest one, and its the ending episode. Especially, the "i'm a b*tch" part. My screen was filled with timed comments of people finding it funny. haha I completed this drama two days ago, but my memory is bad, and I already forgot how Mo Yi Huai died when I was reminded by a comment, saying he did so.  I was like "in the end did he die? oh he did. but how did he die?" And then I kept trying to remember, "was he killed in a battle when he rebelled against the king? who killed him? did he commit suicide? oh he did! he killed himself, but how? how did he kill himself?" and then I suddenly remembered it all, "he face-palmed himself; he slapped himself in the face with his own magic and died. LOL"  My laughter filled my whole room. Luckily no one is around. This drama proved itself to be the one that I will think about in the future and out of nowhere I will surely burst out laughing insanely. It is this kind of drama.  This drama surely is one of a kind. Like the G-dragon of dramas.

I thought this drama was pretty comical. Especially am Xiao Tan finds out that she was reborn into the modern world because she was Xiang Tan in the past, and she said she's like like captain America on the avengers lol ????